Question about the previous Exploit and Patch & Current Issues on my Server

Alright so here we go lol. So Tuesday night when I got off the Marauders had 1 territory ( Cutlass Keys ) literally got on last night late after work and they had taken First Light, Restless Shore & Mourningdale. They were using the Invincibility exploit… Last night from 6pm-9pm they literally started with ) influence in Monarchs Bluffs, Everfall and Brightwood in 3 hours… Declared war on all three. I was going to all zones that were currently being influenced and never once saw a group more than 15 running the PvP quest as I was flagged and keeping my distance so they could not see me while I watched them run the quest. Is there still some type of Faction PvP exploit? I mean 3 hours for 3 territories which all had 0 influence is absurd in a group of 15.

Anyways we have 3 wars tonight lol, a lot of people are saying that the patch for the invincibility exploit was not fixed completely. I saw a dude sitting on the B flag standing there and shooting a musket, he may have hit 3 shots and never once took damage. He literally came in 99th. They won all three wars in a matter of 7min max. Seemed like they had the gates down in 3 minutes which insane with the amount of people running AoE classes. I mean there was so much damage coming in and these dudes were not dying. I did 1.2 mil in damage with my fire/ice build and had 4 kills. I was hammering them while they were grouped, all AoE damage and never stood a chance. WTF is going on in this game currently? Is my server just trashed now? Anyone else seeing this kind of stuff?

Kind of worried about the war tonight if the exploit was half ass fixed.

This exploit may not ever be able to be fixed or detected by anti cheat. This game is so poorly coded and in an attempt to skimp out on both bandwidth and data storage on their servers, much of this game is run client side.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect exploits to get worse not better.

It just pisses me off knowing that these shitters are using an exploit/cheating to win territory and wars. Syndicate and Covenant controlled the entire map since launch except for Cutlass and it is absolutely absurd that they were able to take 3 territories in 1 day and declare war on 3 more the following day. The only thing I can hope for is that cannot afford all these territories.


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