Question about trophy upgrade items

I was with a group of three last night running a few non-elite camps in Shattered Mountains and one of the guys got the Notes on Aeternum Fauna, which is the epic quality upgrade to a skinning trophy. We were quite happy, even though it is a lesser desired upgrade, since we never get these upgrades.

Once I thought about it, though, I was surprised that he got it in those camps. My understanding is the epic quality version drops only from level 35+ chests, but not from 55+ chests. I thought they legendary version dropped in 55+ chests. Is this not the case? Where do you get the legendary versions?


U literały said

Yeah they can all drop from the 55+ chests, I believe it’s just a numbers game. The legendary items needed for the final upgrade are even harder to get luck-wise. I have a few trophy upgrades waiting while I level up my furnishing but haven’t seen a single legendary one yet despite all my SM runs.

@Deys01 They’re saying they thought the epic quality upgrade components were not ever going to be found in chests where the legendary quality upgrade components can also be found. It seems the chest loot tables are “and” tables not “or” tables.

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