Question about War declaration

I have a question about War declaration.

When you get a Territory into conflict and there is an Invasion coming up, you can declare war after the invasion ends. So when the defending Team can’t defend the Invasion fully, they would be able to declare war before the siege window ends. Does that mean the War will be happening the next day, or the day after?

Example for that:
Company A has a siege window from 20:00 - 20:30. Also they have an Invasion which they lose at 20:10.
Another faction got Company A into conflict during the Invasion lock out and can declare war at 20:10 when Company A lost the Invasion and war is declared at 20:20(cause of the 10min declaration time). Does the War now happen the next day because it’s before 20:30 of there siege window or is it the day after because 20:00 is taken as the 24h reset time?

Thanks guys.

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