Question - Outpost Rush, Region Queue?

Hi, New World Team

I have a question about Outpost Rush, I currently play on a server that went from "med " to “low” population in a week (server transfers I’m guessing or quit), my crew and I have been trying to queue up and we noticed that well after many hours of the queue it’s just not happening and I think this will be the future of my server in terms of Outpost Rush.

Yes, we could server transfer but that’s not on cards atm, we waiting to see what server is right for us before we jump ship.

So my question for the New World Team is, are there plans to add region queues for PvP? I think it’s safe to say a lot of the New World community would agree and are in the same boat.

Looking forward to hearing back from the New World Team.


I agree, new world team could you address this, your bottle necking one of the best features currently in the game, there is very short windows to que on my server, after 9pm central it becomes dead que. Making outpost rush cross server would not hurt a thing. Please Address plans to make quee times better all around.

and no earlier then 5pm, so u have a 4 hour window to que for it, also preping for invasions, sieges, other raids, 3 hr que window isnt good.

First i want to say i 100% agree, we have dead times on Lerna but peak it’s normally a few min ques.

Secondly you want to post this in the feedback area of the forums brother as it will get lost here in general.

Thirdly i would like them to do cross server outpost rush similar to how wow pvp works. Because of this exact issue.

On my server (Vega) you can play about 5 outpost rush games per day, during prime peak time - Outside of a couple of hours window where you might get those games - there is absolutely no way to play it.

Yeah our company just lost some people to transfers because they wanted to play OPR more.

I must be lucky, on our sever queues yesterday were literally less than 5 minutes at times.

I was signing up at the board and trying to run over to the next town to drop off at the bank, sometimes I wasn’t making it out of the gate before the que popped.

durign peak tiems its liek that on my low pop server too between 5pm-9pm, but anyt ime before or after, n oques pop. during peak times ya its like 30 sec ques

It did slow down quite a bit around 11pm, it was about 30 minutes que then.

I’m very curious too about regionale queue. Is that on Plan?

I do feel the pain of playing on a low pop server hence why me and my friends transferred. And I can see why you and many people want region queue for outpost. But I personally disagree. Outpost is a great way for money azoth and watermark farm, besides it being fun. Quee times in my servers are short, even in the middle of the night u can get into a game while waiting 30 minutes. But the reason why I disagree is, is because the downside of a high pop server is that it’s nearly impossible to get t5 mats like ori because they’re being hard camped. And the benefit of a low pop server is u can basicly get void ore etc for free. So IMO if u want no outpost quees u switch to a high pop server and give up the benefits of a low pop server.

how does cross server ques affect your server population, u can still be on a dead server to farm ur mats easily lol

@Sunaxd also a pretty selfish reason, hey the game shoudl contineu to bleed players and bottle neck the best content currently, so this guy can farm easy mats on a dead server with no competition lol… even kno cross server wotn affect ur dead server population… im responding to u as hypothetically it did. Or eitehr u didnt read the post’s … no one is asking to emrge servers, cross server que would allow u to s tay on ur dead server farm ur mats easily… and still que.

Regional queue would be great, atm just pvp against and teamed up with the same people all the time. Would be better to see more variety of people.

this is another good reason, my server u either get on the premade hatchet team, or u get on the opposite sideand lose 1000-200 , there is a premade hatchet group on this server, that is in every outpost rush

Why do you respond to what I said if you don’t actually read the words I typed. Cba

no one cares what u say, there coming rather u like it or not. Its obvious there not going to let there game die.


We really need this.

My mates literally stopped playing SIX weeks ago cuz server merges took too long and they played in a npc wasteland.
Rn over 120 EU servers have less than 300players
sHoUlD’vE piCkEd bEtTeR sErVeR

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Yes that is indeed a problem. Its so sad, Outpost is great fun, but its horrible to wait all the evening for one match…or no match