Question re. 2nd token

small question,

i still have my original token, does anyone know if we will be able to have 2 tokens?

According to the post they made, if you have a token you will have 2 tokens.


thanks man. now i guess the question is, is it worth still playing lol

Not sure. I haven’t logged on in weeks. I thought about logging in today but then thought… wtf am I going to do? My entire company is gone. None of the grinds are really worth doing. Server peaks around 500ish. Its not worth paying my housing tax until after the big patch.

I want to play because I love the world and combat. I just struggle to feel like anything is worth doing or even fun doing.


i’m in a large active company in an active faction. This weekend was brutal, no one on saturday, tried for 2hrs to get into OPR not once but twice just not enuff people.

sunday servers couldn’t even field rosters for invasions.

i realize mutations, LA launch and being super bowl weekend didn’t help but man is it hard to log in.

It is. Its even harder for me. Too many MMOs die to me because everyone I been playing with leaves. I hate guild hopping every couple months. I played a few MMOs in my younger years that I played with the same people for 2-5 years. Now it seems everyone game jumps every couple months.

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