Question Regarding Daily Cooldowns for Refining

Are there any talks going on within AGS about eventually removing the daily limit for refining asmodeum, glittering ebony, phoenix weave, etc…?

Early on in the game you’re able to craft whatever and however much you want with the only thing stopping you from using higher tier gear you craft is your character level. However, once you get to level 60 and reach 600+ gear score, there’s no reason in crafting unless you’re using the highest tier materials. And being locked to 10-15 (if you’re lucky) of these mats is pretty… annoying. Mostly because if you are trying to craft a specific piece of gear without buying the materials which can get rather expensive. You need to wait 1-2 days to get a chance at rolling for it (which you know won’t happen because the current system built off of RNG and it’s hard enough to roll a 600gs piece alone, but a 600gs roll with the desired perks is highly unlikely) and this is killing crafting.

Unless you’re in a mega company that for some reason supplies you with the funds to purchase all the supplies you need, you’re going to be waiting days or weeks before you can save up all the mats to mass roll for a better chance at getting a legendary craft to stay relevant.

I know that some people who sell their daily cool-downs may not be in favor of removing the cap because it would cause increase availability therefore cost would most likely decrease, however, they could sell even more at a lower price which would balance out.

With that said, Orichalcum, Ironwood, Infused Leather/Silk do not have much use in the late game outside of making our daily cool-downs, ammo (if you’re dex) and furnishing because we want to make the highest tier material possible.

I apologize if this post seems to be riddled with incomplete thoughts, it’s been a long day so my mind isn’t as organized, lol.




I agree with Spooki, +1

I highly doubt they will remove the cooldowns for those higher tier materials…if they do the market with get flooded with those materials and the supply will cause the price to go down. I think they want those prices to stay fairly high…We’d also have a flood of gear and weapons on the TP since people can just keep making asmo/PW/Glebony/RL and the market is already saturated with gear/weapons.

I’m not saying they’ll never remove the cool downs but I think for now they will remain.

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I agree with this, there’s too much potential for the market to crash around ungating these items. The only way I can see them ungating them is if the cost to craft them is significantly increased from what it is now to balance out how many could potentially be unleashed into the wild.

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Please take this into consideration: a lot of people have stored their extra gold in stuff like Asmo.
The removal of the daily limit for crafting Asmo would devalue a lot of people’s reserves.

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