Question regarding Servertransfer on Hellheim

The plan is to reactivate server transfers for EU Central today at 10pm CEST.

The server Hellheim had very large queue in the few hours in which the server transfer was available at prime time.
Yesterday evening the queue was more than 900 players.

Has the team already taken into account the current number of players on the respective worlds? And have the first worlds already been marked as “full”?

I understand that some players have now switched to Hellheim and didn’t have the chance to get all their friends or teammates on the server due to the short server transfer time. Nevertheless, one would have to ask oneself whether it makes sense to reopen the server transfers for Hellheim or whether this would destroy the fun of playing on Hellheim, with evening average waiting times of one to two hours. On weekends, even higher queue times would have to be expected.

Mainly, I’m curious about the status around Hellheim.

I think the immediate fix would be for the community to create a second non-official PvP server… ?

True - but that won’t happen that easily. Hellheim is still unofficially flagged as PvP server and without restrictions from the “higher-ups” (in that case AGS) the player count would once again increase on Hellheim, resulting in an even higher average queue.

I wanted to transfer to Hellheim for the increased PvP activity as on Tir Na Nog its almost non-exsistent except dueling outside of Windsward (90% of those unflagged)… I think I’ll have to wait and see the state of Hellheim over the next few days before I make a decision

The open world pvp isn’t that active as you would expect it tbh. The only time you see a larger group of pvp players is when grinding Influence in a territority.

Has to be better than TNN - I run around all day flagged and may see a single player flagged D:

It’s also non existent on Hellheim unless you’re one of the 200 player company zergs that bandwagonned in using the transfers, causing unbearable lag and queue times for everyone else that was already playing on the server.

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