Question to Devs, Ags about Tank situation


  1. Can’t get tanky enough and still maintain proper aggro.
    • A DPS player can be almost as tanky as a tank. The gap should be much wider. Tanks should have more active abilities to massively increase their damage resistance.
  2. Need more taunts, on shorter CDs, and they should affect ads faster.
    • A taunt should instantly pull aggro from enemies. Also introduce ranged taunt abilities or options to rein in ads from further distances.
  3. Tanks need more abilities to control positions of enemies.
    • Tanks get too easily stunned, staggered, and pushed around. They need abilities to root ads and bosses. Even the sword swing lunge can turn bosses in unwanted ways.


  1. Again, can’t get tanky enough and contribute to any meaningful metric.
    • Con perks aren’t worth spec’ing into, especially 250/300; tanks become heavily incentivized to go 300Str for tank-like perks, which morphs them into something unlike a true tank.
  2. There is no desirable tank identity that translates to group play.
    • A tank provides no benefit to a team fight outside of defensive formation. Their identity should be low damage and high health. But this combo can have little benefit, so they should provide additional buff/debuffs to the party that can be cast at further distances, making them a desirable option as teammate.
  3. No mechanics that encourage tanking
    • Not saying there should be in a 1v1 fight, but feel there should be more incentive to bring a tank into OPR or wars. What is the intended design goal by AGS for a tank to do in pvp group fights or modes mentioned? I feel there were none and it shows.

We appreciate all of the feedback and input shared at this time and we will be making sure this reaches the development team. We will also add the thread link for continued feedback and discussions coming through. Thank you all for your time!


Your statement exactly. There is so much power in defensive formation yet the effectiveness of that passive is underwhelming.

In PvE, most DPS should not be standing near the tank or they will get cleaved with damage and so long as the tank has their shield up, they won’t be taking damage.

In PvP, you do not want to clump so allies are not really able to take advantage of DF unless everyone is dogpiling on a point to quickly finish the cap. You yourself will get the fortify buff but most tanks should expect to get near 50% fortify from Defensive Training, Orb of Protection, Fortifying SG, and Shirking Fortification if folks have started dabbling in that gear.

Defensive Formation might need to get tied into a different skill. Shield Bash is pretty single target and the weapon perk knocking stuff back further is not doing it any favors lol.

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  1. Revert the stealth nerf you did to stamina block absorption in PVP, specially for tower shield. Right now ts almost useless to block with a tower shield, if an enemy uses a heavy atack I have to dodge coz if I block, ill loose much more stamina. If they use light atack, a round shield is enough (and with better perks), so why would I use a tower shield in pvp?

  2. 250 and 300 Con bonuses are bad. The 60% damage absorption for 1 hit every 60s is “almost” useless for PVP. And an increase on the CC time in a game where the stun is removed by any hit makes it not good either.

  3. Remove animation for defiant stance, turn it to insta cast and reduce the cd.


+1 offensive is way more useful in almost any situation. Theres no active “taunt” for pvp.

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No PvP taunt, carnelian is a PvE only gem and all other gems are damage related in weapons except diamond for healing, tanks do not have damage reflects or ways to punish attackers like weakens on consecutive hits to their shields. Just adding on to the taunt conversation.

Without a doubt, incorporating damage reflection into the game would be a very good idea. It would change the PvP system a lot, in which today it only consists of spamming the greatest number of skills at the same point.

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Refreshing ward while blocking yes please I’ve been asking for that


PvE (Tanking)

  1. There seems to be no “forced attack” duration or threat multiplier (only threat catch up and a little bit extra). When hitting any taunt mob(s) should be forced to attack you for at least 4 seconds which allows you to effectively manage agro and taunts. I’d also be tempted to say add a threat multiplier too of x3 but this might make tanking too trivial.

  2. block gets broken way too easily. Perhaps have some of our abilities such as defiant stance also give us extra stamina ticks of 15 stamina per second (same as if we are standing in oblivon from VG)

  3. defiant stance animation is ridiculous and you can get rekt simply by using the ability. Make this insta cast please.

PvP (Sword n Shield) in Wars

  1. Block gets broken way too easily

  2. Lack of self sustain/survivability (give SnS a last stand type option similar to berserk on hatchet)

  3. Although we have some stunlock and burst potential 1v1 when paired with hammer in war scenarios against mass targets our damage is very low compared to the metas of GAs, WHs, BBs, IGs and we don’t bring much to the fight that’s going to help justify us getting a slot over conventional GA/WH bruisers. As an almost fully min-maxed SnS player with multiple offensive and defensive builds using best in slot pieces who has placed a lot of time, effort and gold into what I love since launch I still struggle to make a case to be allowed to play SnS in wars. Instead I’m forced to use a makeshift low effort GA/WH meta build using 2 perk purple pieces because it brings more damage and utility.

  1. Remove shield bonuses and add them to the sword(this will also help in the future when adding other weapons who pair with the shield).
  2. Change the 250con perk to something actually useful.
  3. Make the defensive skill tree be more viable for groups.

All mmos in the history of gaming had their tanks as a “hard to kill” entity. L2 tanks could fight for hours without dying but the damage was low. Eso Tanks are the same an
d so on.

  1. We should be able to survive more than 2 seconds
  2. Heavy armor with SnS has to have some sort of damage reduction bonus to make you an actual tank
  3. Damage should not be an issue since the point of us tanks is to give the enemy a hard time and interrupt their strategies. Right now we are barely tickling them on their way to the objective.
  4. More Stamina regen bonuses and the amount itself should be able to be increased
  5. More damage reduction perks
  6. Some kind of ultimate defense mechanism that can prevent us from dying for a few seconds.
  7. Damage reflect mechanics
  8. More CCs on the SnS tree with more reduction to enemy defenses passives
  9. Defiance stance should be instant. Right now while casting the ability, you are instantly wiped before the animation ends.
  10. 250 Con is useless, lower the CD to 5s to give the tank a feel of an actual tank or rework it completely.

Bottom line , tank should be someone groups need to focus and strategize to kill instead of wiping us in 1.5 seconds without feeling anything at all.


Hey Willard. I highlighted this in another tank response thread but the biggest problem is that tanks have a very selfish playstyle and dont offer anything to the team. A couple of ways to alleviate this were highlighted in the response in the thread linked.

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A good shift I feel would be to greatly increase the armour on shield (tower, Kite and round) and reduce the armour on heavy, medium and light.

This will reward the tank more. Also prevent the situation of the impossible to kill Paladin


Next patch :point_right::point_left:

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Sorry for the late reply things I want to see for tanks.

  1. Shield walls being able to work together with other tanks like just a passive to shield wall next to another tank tight or being able to make a defensive formation with three to five tanks.

  2. Pvp since I’m a crowd control tank clear out is somewhat useless because of grit when being surrounded if the shield could have a defensive perk only when the shield is up to tick damage nothing extreme like a -1 -1 sun fire cape type thing would be cool since again we do no damage.

  3. Pve is abit boring as a tank I’m not to sure what you can do to make it abit more exciting for us since all we do is Aggro and tank which is our job someone will have to think abit outside the box for that one.

  4. More on the silly side chuckable round shields they look like frisbees someone missed a golden opportunity.

  5. Shield things we should have two different stamina bars one when the shield is out of commission, the other to escape with. It makes no sense that the shield goes down, and I’m doing a dead man walking animation while being beat on because i’m out of stamina.

  6. Shields need to be intimadating and bigger only big shield we have is the one that looks like the amazon prime.

  7. I love defiant stance but the skill takes to long to proc because of the animation I feel at times I say as soon as you hit it it should just activate…how else will I show tank dominance on the field if i’m not hitting the shield. Also stamina probably needs to be looked at for the shield it usually takes 3-5 hits depending if light attacks or heavy to break the shield before the flood gates are opened and we’re swarmed.

  8. Blocking needs to be done abit better I just saw the parry comment I agree with him.

  9. Grit has to end I think some have mentioned why on here so I won’t add to it.

  10. Clear out- I’m a crowd control tank I use clear out on my hammer to give me breathing room and space or to give others time to breath or escape. This skill for me is very under whelming and does little to no damage despite for being able to knock back a decent distance if you have the perk. So making clear out an example because of grit now if activated it does nothing. You’ll have to find out what skills does what for a tank and how that can assist them hopefully they can help a bit more with that.

  11. Health potions for tanks? And/or health potions needing to work on button press like as soon as you press the button. I think this is a universal thing but currently since we are being hit and dying in pvp most people are complaining when you hit the health potion it just does not activate on command which is make or break for most.

  12. Armor needs a rework most have said this so I won’t go further on that issue since I have stated this in a couple of threads.

  13. Do something about the stunning and lock ups. I saw a few talk about this on this thread so I will also agree with them on this.

  14. Being able to peel more effective like other tanks have stated again we don’t do damage most people ignore us if not go harder at their other target as we try to keep them off that target.

  15. Damage absorption leaderboards I think it’s about time for this to happen. We are at the bottom we do not do damage. We are the only ones at the bottom however we are assisting in other ways but it is never recognized.

  16. Assist In opr vs Assist in War - Probably needs to be noted but if I manage to get into a war my assist are usually higher in war rather than in opr by a large number count. Ex- war- 86 opr-19 is that intentional?

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It’s really exhausting to see how AGS continually ignores requests from players who like to play tank builds. There are many posts like this one where people took the trouble to explain everything that is going wrong for the tanks (since the beginning of the game) and the only thing we find in each PTR note is a new nerf. At this point I think we are all disappointed and playing with another build.

Maybe if they promise to switch to Great Axe…

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