Questions for AGS - Seriously, Why?

Question 1 - Why can’t we form raid groups? Seriously. The lack of this most basic feature is honestly mind boggling from my position outside the box. After the ninja adjustments to our chest runs in this most recent update, it’s not like you can five-man any of the content anymore anyway. But I’ll get to that in the next question…

Question 2 - Why do you make big game-altering changes without listing them in the update? Is it a concern for the potential back lash from the community? Something more innocent? Or more sinister? Case and point, Myrkguard, Malevolence, etc. A watermark system that is already a stupid, grindy mess just became exponentially more stupid and difficult as a result of ninja changes that weren’t even listed.

Question 3 - What exactly are your expectations for each perceived “role” such as healers? It seems like any attempt at ingenuity is quickly punished in the form of “balance changes”. So if you want us to play a certain way by driving the math in that direction, why not just make the game that way instead of giving us fake options?

Question 4 - Why do we provide such good and detailed feedback through the PTR (and hell, let’s be honest, the Beta too) just to see those same problems/bugs/exploits exist in the live game days, weeks, or even months later? What is the point of the PTR if you’re just going to do what you want anyway?

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