Questions for Forged in Aeternum Community Q&A, March 2023 edition

Hello Adventurers!

We’re back on behalf of @MichaeLovan , Head of Community Video to gather more Community Questions for our next Q&A!

Another month, another Q&A. You know the drill! This time, we are opening this up early to get your best questions in over the weekend. We will stop collecting questions on Monday, 2023-03-20T19:00:00Z across Reddit, the forums, YouTube, and Discord (have you joined yet? you should!)

Same standards as usual:

Request #1: Please be succinct. While context is very important for any discussion or debate, a wall of text doesn’t necessarily invite clear responses in a Q&A format.

Request #2: While criticism of any game is healthy, please do not make personal insults against the devs. In the interest of maintaining these monthly Q&A videos, I hope it goes without saying why it’s important to be humane.

Thanks everyone!


Can we PLEASE get Chess, Checkers, Connect 4, or ANY mini game put into the Bars/Pubs. PLEASE this would be so cooool.


And four or six chairs per table not one :rofl:


I have two questions regarding expeditions

Question 1: When will we get solo versions of expeditions?

Question 2: Will the group finder be revamped to a regular matchmaking system (Like the one in wow) sometime in the near future?


Question 1: There’s been quite a few times in the past where patch notes claim something is fixed when it actually isn’t. Why is this? Is this due to some changes not being tested before hitting live servers, or is it due to different builds of the game getting mixed up?

Question 2: People cheating by using aimbot with muskets seems to be getting worse and worse as the months go by. There are many instances where an aimbotter has been reported over the course of 6 months with no action being taken against them. Can you tell us what your team is actively doing to monitor and get rid of these type of cheaters?


Regarding the announced Expansion: Will there also be a level cap increase? We know about the Gear score raise, but what else can we expect to be part of the expansion. Lastly: Will we have to pay or is it free?


Any plan on adding female skins? We’ve been complaining on forums about it since the game was launched but we’ve been ignored. Any plans on remaking how feminine characters sits and walks? Why blonde hair looks green in game? It’s hard to convince my friends to come play because they cannot stand how female characters looks like and there’s no pretty skins to help.


Can the devs post weapon descriptions on what they want each weapons niche to be. The descriptions in game are too generic. If the community understands the vision that the devs have for each weapon it will be easier for everyone to get behind the changes that they propose and make. This would also allow the community to give better feedback in regards to balance so that the feedback is in line with the devs visions for the weapons and roles.

Can the life staff be disabled from 3v3 solo and duo queue. Besides lack luster rewards it is single biggest reason why 3v3 queue died out. Skill based combat goes out the window when a life staff is involved.

Do the devs think melee weapons and ranged weapons should do the same dps assuming the attribute allocation for said weapons are equal, IE 300 dex bow and a 300 str Great Axe.


Will we get a solo queue for 3v3 arenas that don’t allow premade groups of 2?


Do you have any intentions of actually implementing better anti-cheat? Most of the player base is currently convinced that anti-cheat doesn’t exist in this game at all, and I’m pretty convinced myself.

Any intent on ever implementing anything to stop shard selling?

In a previous video, it was mentioned that you intend on lowering the amount of levels for mutated dungeons, do you plan on still doing this? If so, when? It’s currently beyond frustrating trying to fill lower tier mutater levels.

Can we get actual solo que 3s, instead of players duo queing with a healer, to farm solo qued players.


Hey devs,

1) Will we seen any form of rework/changes for OPR? I believe weapon balances are important but a shift in atmosphere (new rocks or routes) or objectives from OPR also impacts what is viable and what isn’t. At the moment it caters to high manoeuvrable classes that are able to rotate much faster, backcap and lock down forts with tier 3 gates due to the pacing of capturing flags or caters to ranged classes looking to secure high scores due to it being very open and safe to do damage. It would be nice to have middle fort have more value (give more points than outter forts) to create a strong magnet for both sides of the team to prioritise and the outter forts be there to buff the team with respawns and command posts etc.

2) Also could you please add more cover at the top of forts from outside? It punishes people going in to claim high ground because the other team that didn’t push in are targeting them from a variety of locations and distances whereas the ranger in fort is quite limited in where to play.

I only ask because we’re not seeing a 20v20 at the moment but chaotic split fights that is all over the place with no rhythm. Sorry for the long questions but to me New World is captivating the most when there is a big fight out break and we see mass wipes, this whole evasion meta has caused a lot of boredom and frustration.


Hey ! Thanks so much for theses videos.

Question : “Can you tell us if the next expansion will be as big in terms of content as Brimstone patch, or can we expect more or less content ?”



Any updates on plans to reduce the total number of mutations to something like 4 total difficulty levels? Groups are increasing hard to find in the lower levels.


Don’t forget Poker and Blackjack so we can gamble our gold with friends!!


Any plans for a publicly visible support ticket system? It seems silly that you have to talk to support to figure out if anything happened with your ticket. Would be super helpful. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing the game since day one. And for me it will be the last game of my life.

My question is: What does Ags promise us, is the future of the game bright? We want you to reassure us.

Can any of you stand up and say yes, we will succeed?

Why Can’t we include enough marks of fortune in the season pass to pay for the next season’s pass?


they already said there priorities on focus on other aspects of the game and that if your looking for 1v1 you can duel

Will be be seeing any updates to character creation/customization in the near future so there aren’t as many clones running around?