Questions I have for the AGS Team


Hello there Cm’s. I was wondering if you could pass the following questions up to the game/content directors and see what sort of replies we can get for the following questions.

  1. Would it be possible to shift the game to a “guild designs and builds cities” concept?
  2. Can the team develop “micro-zones”, or zones that have much smaller sizes that are intended specifically to act as a conquest area to operate more in the “sandbox” style concept?
  3. Is there an ETA on transmog and dye upgrade systems, or is it something currently being investigated and looked at?
  4. Do you expect to release weapons at a faster rate in 2023 then you did in 2021/22?
  5. What weapon is most likely to follow Great sword?
  6. would you be open to suggestions for players to design zones via some sort of dev-created toon for players to do so in game?
  7. Can you look into and see how practical it is for the content designers to rework the biomes of some fo the zones that are repetitive?
  8. Are you open to allowing players to create content like npcs, armor concepts, etc that will be added to the game at some point?
  9. Is there any ETA or update on API access and third part development of resources for new world. I’d like to create automation for discords to automatically slot and unslot people from a server based on guild-api access. I recommend looking into eve onlines api concepts. Its insanely good.
  10. How many new zones are planned for 2023? Is it possible to shift a lot of development resources in rapidly expanding open world?
  11. Any Eta on the first expansion? More specifically, the one that will increase level cap.
  12. Any Eta on a resolution to all dsync issues?
  13. Do you play entire design passes planned for weapons at this point?

Sweet dreamer…

I have been thinking about this for a while.
I think the future for NW is indeed reducing the big cities.

You’de have 3 major big faction cities, these don’t get captured.
Change a lot of the current cities to small outposts that need to be battled over, heck might even add some PVE dailies to it. People of your faction trying to gain status with the common folk so they would “vote” for you.

I have considered concepts of smaller zone creation, and it could even be really powerful for immersion. For example, lots of zones means the potential for lots of biomes. We could even see zones that are below the surface and have biomes like laz.

These smaller zones would require less development because all you’d need to do is create terrain, resources and leave the zones. They could follow different pvp logic, like auto flagging you if its not owned by your guild or faction.

Since we dont have quest creation, and so on in these zones we do not need to have large amounts of times to make them, and if this is all done by automation, we could generate these zones at extreme speeds. We could potentially wake up to many, many zones in a short period.

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