Queue 3000 ARE YA SERIOUS?!

God damn!!! ARE YOU serious amazon?! with your resorces could not make a good quality game! this is a desaster! 7 -10 hours in a queue! I bought a game that i cant play ffs…

Why are you complaining about the queue? There’s literally 3000 people before you that aren’t complaining. I’m in the queue too but i’m not bitching about it. Sit down, shut up, and wait your turn.

increase the CAPACITY!!! so many people gave asked for that and you do nothing to improve situation…

You clearly not watching their Twitter, thank god at least you’re here and whining.

Please Review Official Petition for Immediate Server Population Cap Increase

Another Queued Player

They are adding new servers and soon the ability to transfer. Be patient. They are working towards getting as many people in as possible.

Also: if you want to see if there are any other servers you could play on instead of queueing you can check https://newworldstatus.com/?sort=queue and see what has little/no queue in your region. Playing something is better than playing nothing :slight_smile:

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