Queue And Wait time

This isn’t something new or controversial. It’s a post about what you think it is.

I have now, for FIVE HOURS Tried to log in on my character. Non stop. From 3 PM to 8 PM.

This has been on the EU Central Region, on the server Bensalem.

I have been queued for a starting area this entire time, and have probably gotten around 8-10 errors.

I wish this was a joke but it’s not. And each and every time I have gotten to the first position in queue, It always tells me it “failed to join login queue” or something along those lines, which is straight up baffling to me.

No real question or something like that. I just want my experience to be documented.

And no, i am not going to remove my character and make a new one, i have already sunk a huge amount of time in to it, And i am not going to delete my progress due to a faulty queue.

That’s all from me, I hope i am the only one with this issue, but i know i am not.

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Bist nicht allein damit ich und ein par freunde von mir haben das selbe Problem wir versuchen seit ca 12 Uhr uns Ein zu Logen und jedes mal auf der zielgeraden eine Fehlermeldung nach der andern aber keine Chance wieder in die Warteschlange zu kommen

P.s mein Heutiger Record Platz 29 …

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