Queue - Character Slots - What should we do Amazon?

I’m in the EU and when I first joined - I admit, I was lucky, till I got a “Lag Detected” about three hours into the game. So I made my second character and basically got “kicked”.

Grabbing a few hours sleep, I come back and EU servers appear to be still having issues and now I’ve got two character slots - locked behind hugh numbers and no way to enter the choosen server of choice - or even into a new character now.

What should we do? I’ve been stuck at 2700+ for over ten minutes with no movement. Earlier it was over 5000.

I just want to play… I don’t care where at the moment.

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welcome to everyone’s day. I was at 1500, got DC and got back in at 7000. Now at 5600 hoping not to get anymore DCs. Not much to do until amazon work out a way to sort this issue.


15m - image

Both EU character slots - full.

I don’t want to try and make a character over on NA East for example - making the issues even worse.

Tell me about it. I got in and my interact key wasnt working. (Its a glitch in the game). Restarted to try and fix it. Now both my characters are stuck. first character is 25,000 queue and wont let me queue up as 25,000 is max. and 2nd account is in this queue. FFS image

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yup… my client froze, had to restart it… now I am stucked in queue, which moves about 5 per 5min. Lovely…

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30m nearly - I’ve moved less than 100.

This staggered server release has strained EU and now some of the American servers are finally coming online it should be easier to get onto EU, but people are reading all this server hassles and staying where they are.

Over an hour - still locked at 2 character slots - 2350+ waiting list on queue.

Still no answer about what we should do.

Literally - I don’t care where I play… as long as I can play.

I joined the queue at 1620 waited about two and a half hours to 230 the queue failed and when I rejoined I was put back in the queue at 2170 its a joke!

Currently 165k players in europe with another 300k queueing to get in! LOL

Amazon is worth a reported $314.9 Billion and you cant even get a launch right, after failing miserably in two beta launches! What exactly did you all take way from the betas? Just asking for a friend?

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Not sure why they went the way they did for login / queue / cluster when servers are limited to only 2k players.

I think I personally may have gone with a login server, specific name and then instead of clusters, actually open channels within the server. Having upto 20 versions of the game running on one server adding/removing channels as needed. That way, everyone would get in and play, no matter what server they choose.

Someone did some calculations, and with the servers thay have for worldwide players the total capacity is 468k if they open every server to 2000 players. The current requierment for Europe alone is 485k in game and queue!

Someone should get sacked!

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