Queue, kick from queue, GPU in queue... Beta useless


Sorry, I can understand that on the first day of an mmo there is some waiting but I never experienced that. Especially since we’re talking about a weekday when people are working and kids are at school.
After 2 hours of waiting, I won 20 places in the queue… But what’s this joke, you can’t do scaling on your AWS infrastructure? It’s really a shame to see that.

If you don’t have money for the servers, you should have planned it from the beginning in the business model and put a monthly subscription…

In short, more than disappointed
If I had known this earlier I wouldn’t have wasted my time telling you about the problems with the beta.

Honestly, get the button to ask for a refund because I do not intend to leave my PC on for 4 hours per day 10min…

And last but not least, why are we banging eu-central-1 everywhere? I want eu-west-3, AWS Paris works great too and we’ll get a lower ping.


I did start at 270, after they forced the restart (was already playing and it was fine for me)… Now 2h later Iam at 250… xD

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i can confirm the same. the open world queue seems to have less priority then the new player queue.

and if i see 170k capazity right now and another 280k trie to join i would say they did not learned from the beta.

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The amount of spaces you move isn’t dependent on time… it’s dependent on someone leaving that server to free up space for you. So you’ve clearly picked a server that has 2000 people logged in, and are staying logged in.

Pick another server.

“Pick another server” not helpful.


I play with friends, and they success to connect this morning on this server ( Asgard ).
So I cannot pick another server.

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And I logged on this morning and picked a very low-pop server to get in… I’ve played for two hours before work, and there’s now a four hour queue to get on my server…

I’m either going to have to wait the estimated time for people to slowly disconnect (probably not going to happen at peak time), or I’ll need to create a new character on another server, and simply play another server until AGS does something about the server capacity.

…so, pick another server, or don’t. I don’t care.

How are we supposed to pick another server?

There isn’t a single server in a reasonable ping below 160ping.

US East is filled up, but has a que at about 500 average.

There isnt a single European server (where i live) that has a server with a lower que than 900 people.

So tell me sir, how am i supposed to play the game by “picking another server”? I would love to pick any server… ANY server. But i will not play some 200-300ping lag fest of a game.

Its cool you can play… and it sucks that you cant play on your first char. But i can’t even play at all. And an enormous amount of ppl have the same issue.

So stop trying to be their simp, when you can’t justify their launch with a fix that is not viable at all.


I’m not “being their simp”- Look at my other posts. I legit posted the second topic on these forums this morning at 07:04am BST stating it was a serious F up for AGS to do what they did today…
I’ve given numerous other posts suggesting what they should be doing to rectify the situation, and they haven’t done any of them all day… so it’s quite clear they aren’t bothered about the status of the game today and they’ll just stick to their plan of rolling out other regions and servers as and when the initial buzz dies down - if they’re still even needed.

However, You guys are just needlessly moaning about something that is clearly a problem, and you’re just acting entitled instead of just acknowledging this is already plastered everywhere, and no amount of B’ing about it is going to change it.
So either join another server, or be patient…

Like literally every other player wanting to play the game right now.

Was playing the game since server launched, went to the restroom for about 15 minutes and was kicked from server for inactivity. So went to rejoin with a 779 queue. Made is all the way to 1… then it started loading and went into a new queue of 1342. Am back down to 1245 now but this will be a long day in game and not getting to do anything.

Would jump to one of the new worlds but my Company I joined is in this current world.

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It’s really nonsense, they added 9 servers while there is a queue of 180,000 people.
No but seriously …
Right now this game is paying for electricity, running my computer for hours for nothing. It’s expensive the heating knowing that they are not able to make a queue without animated background in order not to burn our GPU for nothing. And don’t talk to me about 30FPS, it’s already done…
I tried my luck to play today, in 2 hours of queue I was kicked 3 times for bogus server side errors. As a result, I see more than 3000 people in queue on my Asgard server…
Well, I give up, I look at the other servers and it’s the same thing… In short, I paid for a game that I can’t use with the feeling that Amazon Games is completely outdated despite the beta.
Considering the way it went, I think this game has 3 months of life ahead of it before everyone leaves the ship :slight_smile:


@Amazon how do I get a refund?

I was just complaining about this same thing, I have been kicked TWICE from an hour long queue that started at 20. I’m starting to wonder if they are just saying it’s 20 but I will never get in. I’ve played for 45 minutes when I was able to log on before work today at 3 AM and not since that. I paid for this game more than a year ago and supported them thru each beta. I’m beyond pissed. Every game in the world starts this way but you can actually get online to play them. WTF happened here???

I’ve played literally about 50 games on opening day and never had this problem. Wow opened with a million players and I never waited in a queue, not once. Yes it was laggy but I got in. And truthfully I don’t even mind waiting in a queue for a short time but waiting and then being booted as soon as your turn comes up is complete BS!!

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Do you not have any friends you play with?

‘Pick another server’ - stop trolling

Well, I cracked last night, I migrated with my friends on an American server because in Europe we are not considered seriously.
They have a lot of low population servers… so bingo
After the ping at 130-150ms, you can’t figure it in mmo.

Î agree, though to be fair at least on the third day its not as bad.

There are lots of servers with no queue, where not even 2k players are active right now.
Just the couple of big servers that have really long queues.

They will definitely increase the cap, and they should. But imo they should offer free characters transfers ASAP - So that people can transfer from the super full servers to the new ones.

It’s great that so many people want to play New World. Fantastic to hear that the word is getting out more and more how great it is and that a million wanted to play on first day ! I was worried that the server queues were something Amazon were happy to tolerate for the early surge of players but I’m glad to read your post tonight and hear that you really are going to fix this next week! Thank you. Honestly, it’s a GREAT game - already. The game play is delicious with chain attacks, chain defence and weapon swaps so your always immersed and fighting hard – I can keep just doing and doing it!! The fighting is beautiful. And at level 24 I got a taste of level 25 elites by accident last night and it was awesome. It’s worth the wait while you fix the queues!! But please do make it so more people can keep coming and playing. They will come. It’s frickin awesome and will stand the test of time and the test of gameplay. Those who’ve felt it already will keep coming! Hence the queues!!
Thanks from a signed, and already ….Loyal Supporter

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