Queue on Arenas

Supp everyone.

A couple days a go I started paying more atention to my daily Gypsum tasks. And while many of the gypsum are easy to get (except for Portals and Arenas Gypsum) I also noticed that arenas have a problem with queueing up for it.

It has happened to me that I was there “first” but when I try to get into the arena a wierd message that looks something like “@arena_activation_failure” popped up because another group was able to click “faster”. And I think is kinda dumb to be the first group there but have to wait for other 3 groups to go in because they clicked faster or probably have better internet connection to the servers.

I think the solution for this is pretty simple. Add an a queue to the Arena. Let the people get into the queue as they get to the area and pum, problem solved.

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