Queue position servers so bad

Im waiting for 4 hours. What the hell. I bought the game 2 months ago. But now ı cant playing cause servers is so bad. My Position in queue 5851. LOL


Amazon is a small company with limited resources, give them a break bro


Agreed. I was at position 250 after a 5 hour waiting game, then i got disconnected from queue. Now back at 1600 in open world queue. It took me 5 hours to go from 900 to 250, what is it going to take to get from 1600 to 0 then? Lol, these fcking devs. Atleast restart server and let other have a chance to play. People been on since launch, time to give others a chance

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U r quite right. Amazon is so small company. If this situation continues like this, I think I will not play.

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They just can adding servers channels with 2000 capacity like now(Every server has one channel right now) and split channel instances apart. Then i can play on Annwyn ch5, same server with my friend but different channel if the channels is full. If another channel has empty slots we switch channels and ta-da!

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why was the game released?open beta should have continued…

all the Australian servers queue are @ 15000 so you are lucky mate

That is usually the move MMOs make, but Amazon is new to this gaming world.

And someone said Amazon is a small company with limited resources for server budget haha.

u r partially right bro. But your think is not enough. everyone bought this game. I think amazon should fix this issue faster and use better, faster and more capacity servers.

Open the pipes !! I have been in queue spot 16 for over 1 hour… what is this ?

after a disconnect with an existing character on the server queue 2742 for 3 hours. No place down … really?

Bro its joke :smiley: ? We know amazon is so big company but this is very embarrassing for a company like this

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