Queue system for expeditions


As a solo player and even playing together with one friend I find it really difficult to find groups of players to clear expeditions with.

We spent 20 minutes outside of the entrance trying to find people through area chat. Invited everyone we saw but only one other guy joined up.

We cleared the expedition with ease until the second last boss where we got stuck on the mines, I guess because we didnt have high enough damage output over a short time.

We gave up and got out and we find so many people running around just outside once again asking for invited in global chat. I didnt even check global chat during the expedition, i only checked and typed in area chat…

It’s a shame because the rest of the expedition was no problem at all and now a key is wasted.

My suggestion is that some kind of queue is implemented where you can sign up for a role you want inside the dungeon and then gets auto joined to a group, if a group is already running and you get matched with that group I suggest that a popup comes up first with something like “Group has already cleared 25% are you sure you want to join?”
Or something like that so you dont get pushed in by mistake on the last boss.

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I like this idea :slight_smile: :+1:

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