Queue time and Population

Good Morning Amazon Games!

First of all Im really enjoying beta. I allready played the one of the last year and Im seeing a lot of improvements. You are going in the good direction.

I got a doubt of how are you managing all the problems related to population in servers and I would love to recieve an answer to know how should I act.

Im playing in Lemuria with my company. Most of us could start the first day even with the queue times. But some members that started yesterday havent been able to play on the same server and we just found the following thing.

When I log in, my queue time is completely diferent from some friends queues time. I have a lvl 23 character. They havent been able to join the server yet.

So, whats going on? Why do I entre straight or get queues with less than 200 people and my collegue always has queues of 2500+ people.

I would love to have an answer to know if we should change server or if he will never be able at all to join us. Some light on this subject would be really appreciatted.

A happy player.

Hello @ChoF,

Sorry for the issues you’re all experiencing!

Dev team is aware of several issues with EU Servers including loginservices errors, internalserver errors, timeout errors, and more.

We suggest you to move to less populated server and try to login.

You can all be sure we are aware of all these errors and we are working right now to solve this as soon as possible.

Hello @LuisC .

Thank you for your fast answer and adivices :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Im aware of those problems and im sure wou will fix them sooner or later.

I would just like to know if there is some cap system on servers now that make some people not be able to join High population servers. A bit more in depth answer.

Thank You!