Queue times are ridiculous

I’ve been online gaming since the days of BBSs. I’ve played beta in numerous games since EQ, and have been at lauch for at least a dozen games. Launch day always has it’s issues but I have NEVER seen server sizes this extremely small that queues are hour long waits. I got onto my world (West Coast) this morning and was 3rd on it. Played nine hours and stopped for supper. Tried to log back in and I was 664th in queue. That is just poor management. Plain and simple. Up the dang server player limit. 2,000 is absurd with at least a million players wanting to play.


Your complaining about 600+ ques… try adding a zero and then we can talk :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, that’s crazy, but I’ve been waiting now for 40 minutes and I’m still at 488.

I was 6500 in queue. So yeah, not impressed.


I’m not trying to impress anybody dudes. I’m making a point and you both just verified it.

Oh yeah it’s brutal, not arguing with you there. Many of us would kill for your que though lol

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Well, I’m old as dirt and I may not live long enough for that queue to end. LOL And my patience isn’t what it used to be.

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Got lag detected and am now in queue…

The queue is a lie

It’s almost like it’s the release day of one of the most anticipated MMORPG’s in the last 5 years…


Had a brown out here in lovely Southern California, when I got back in it was 1,300. I picked a bad day to stop doing crack :slight_smile:


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and the fact that this uses easy anti cheat means i cant play other games while waiting to log in.

Darn. I was about to fire up some Diablo 2 while I was in queue.

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

I was queuing all evening from about 3PM, didn’t get on till I had fallen asleep at about 2AM.

Get up early thinking I can have an hour before work, server maintenance…

Having played multiple MMOs at launch or with expansions I will flat out call you a liar here. Stop lying. If you expected some perfect launch or anything close to it, that’s on you.

Tru tru who would expect a 2 trillion dollars company to have a decent MMO launch. Crazy.

Define a decent MMO launch. I have played quite a few MMOs, many of them at launch or during an expansion launch. None have gone smoothly. The best effort I saw was Legion for WoW and the only reason it went smoothly is they sacrificed WoD to do it.

If you want to state your opinion on the topic, that’s fine, but calling me a liar makes you nothing more than an immature a**hole. Moron.

I still have 3,000 queue on my Zara server, who the hell knew only 2,000 players are allowed per server. And on top of that, why does Amazon keep letting new characters be created on overcrowded servers, I was so early to create my character and everyone else piled on top, and now its virtually inaccessible.

I have already levelled a character there, and Im thinking about migrating out of this nightmare waiting game. We need more solutions fast, and that free transfer would be great like now.