Queue times outrageous

I took this week off on PTO and I’ve been able to log into my server (GlubDubDrib) in the mornings and have been grinding with friends each morning for 10 hours since launch.

Now that I’m going back to work and get off at 6pm EST U.S., the queue to get in to roughly ~890 people. It takes upwards of an hour to get in.

I only have a few hours after work each day to play with friends before I need to get ready for bed.

The queue times are making the game unplayable and I didn’t spend 20+ hours on one character to abandon them to create a new character and start over on a whole new server.

Please fix the servers asap, it’s beginning to become a joke and I’ve had a few friends not want to but be game after hearing it’s near impossible to join.

We’d like to have fun and play your game. Help us help you.

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