Queue World - its an absolute disgrace

My 2 pence.

After a week of queuing I just want to flatly say that for a company this size it is disgraceful to take people’s money and not allow them to play a game they have paid for.

Its not just the queuing but even that is bugged. I cant even play another game on my PC without being kicked from the queue.

Amazon i hope you consider yourself a bunch of thieves because taking someone’s money for a product and them not being able to play/use it is just that.

Have you tried using a different server? I know a lot of people are against it, but it has helped a lot of others, including me. Remember they are doing free transfers soon so you don’t need to be tied down to your current server for now.

You can check the in-game worlds list for lower pops or use a service such as New World Status

They’re all queuing, I understand some are worse but honestly it doesn’t matter which one you pick (in eu certainty) you’re screwed after 5pm
They need more…
I’d suggest create more servers and lock them to migration only for a few weeks , give them the chance to fill and spread the server loads then u lock them for new chats again

You are so “funny” with this “solution”. This is an MMO game, people play with friends here. Why I should try different servers if my friends playing on a specific server with plans about wars against other specific gamers?


Hi i think you are trying to be helpful but unfortunately i have built time into a character and am therefore ‘stuck’. Unlike other MMO’s there is no value in rolling a new character at all given the way the skill system works.

Like i said, i know a lot of people are against it, and you seem to be as well. It was a suggestion, it wont work for everyone. But at the same time you must be patient. It is frustrating to wait in queue to play with your friends and may not be feasible to just hop servers.

Wish the best of luck to you getting in!

For me there was, i didnt get very far (level 14 or so) before i swapped and chose to move to a new server and wait for free transfers. But i also understand that may not be the case for everyone.

I really hope it all gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

The issue here are people like myself, who started in a server, it was impossible to log in, then moved to another, new one. Leveled, played there, even some friends go there… and it is starting to get full with queues again.

Could it simply allow you to progress in a different server when you log in, the first, empty slot available in your region, and when you have an open spot for your chosen server, be moved there?

Yeah. I started on a low pop server. leveled up a bit. All of a sudden, the queues started. I hadn’t gotten far, so I re rolled on a new low pop server. Guess what. Same problem. This is NOT acceptable. We can’t be expected to pay for a game and then be unable to play. This reminds me of the Southpark episode with the Queue Simulation ride.

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