Queues again ?!

Seriously guys, what the hell is happening ?
I thought you noted here is no possibility to make a transfer to full server ?
Why we are reaching 600ppl queues again ? What the hell are you doing ?

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What do you expect? If you wanna play Outpost Rush you have to switch to a higher populated Server or atleast with bigger PVP community. This is only the beginning things will get even worse.


Only to clarify. If I have to wait 1h to join the server or if I have to wait 4h to join Outpust Rush it is an easy decision. The more of level 60 PvP’ers leave the worse it got on both sides. Then you wait 2h, the guys on PvE Servers wait 6h or maybe forever. It is the design. This is not gonna working.

Global queue now or it will end in a disaster. Not only mass exodus from servers but for players playing the game too.

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The funny thing is, they are mostly bots

full server doesn’t mean there only have 2000 people signed up, there would be no way to get a decent population of players if your concurrent limit and your total regisistered was the same.

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id choose no server queue, but its good that yall seem to like outpost so much

You cannot have both. Server queue & Outpost Rush or No server queue & No Outpost Rush. Up to you.

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What are you even talking about lol…
If 2k online players can not be bothered by registering outpost rush, 1k players in queue will definitely not make your outpost rush start sooner or make it better experinece lol, brain on.

  • My point summarized in a question - why servers, which have been flagged as full last week, have overflooded queues this week… we could not create 2nd characters since the beggining, but now we can not even log in. Again.
    Can we finally get some priority ? I spent nearly 700hours in one server and now I am not able to log in, because there are waves of people transfering to us, despite the fact servers are full.
    Like wtf…

Very easy summing up. Others will understand.
But you get the long explanation:
Evening 2000+2000, morning 1500 (+more active players) - queues happening.
Evening 900, morning 300 (+less active players) - queues not happening.

Who is the troll? Only because you have fun on your top notch server you think it is okay to exclue all others? Nice. Very nice.

Sure, troll, so just because you have no fun, you have to ruin it for the rest. I see…

I do not know if you have some kind of a problem to understand, but to make it easier for you…

24.10. = 19:00 – no queue
31.10. = 19:00 – ± 800ppl in queue

But sure, bring more mysterious numbers and other “facts”, which does not make sense.

I do not care for your server queue. I care for Outpost Rush queue. I think you misinterpreted the queues I am talking about. I do not want sit in queue. I want play the game.
At the moment it is the opposite dude. I switched server from high populated to low populated at head start. You were stoic and did not. Now we want come back and you write we want ruin your fun. Easy story. Tooo easy.

Sitting now 5h in queue. You think it is great entertainment? Ofcourse we have to switch to your servers.

You are reacting to my post at 1st place.
I am done with your nonsense, go troll somewhere else.

Sorry. But it is not my fault if you are not able to understand what I am talking about. I don’t think it is that hard to understand. But it is not okay call it nonsense.
The low populated Servers are dead. It is not that hard to understand. Besides the Primetime you will not have any Outpost Rush. IF any.

I think there is a language barrier operating here.

What @DragoBelsazar seems to be saying is that if you want to play Outpost Rush, you’re forced to either wait in a long queue for OP rush itself (due to low pop server) or you are forced to go to a high pop server in order to be able play Outpost Rush, which means you will be sitting in a login queue.

As he says, most PvP players want to play Outpost Rush, but it isn’t really feasible other than on high pop servers, because low pop servers don’t have enough players to fill out Outpost Rush, so you end up waiting for enough people to queue in order for a match to start.

Since most PvP players don’t want this, what is going to happen is that the PvP players are going to crowd onto the high pop servers so that they can play the part of the game they want to play.

@Cowen is saying that he simply doesn’t want people to be able to transfer onto high pop servers, whatever the reason, because it just makes the queues worse.

Two different things – the OP is about how transfers to full servers shouldn’t be permitted, and the response is explaining why people want to transfer to full servers.

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That’s it.
And ofcourse I do understand why @Cowen don’t want us to join their servers. But this don’t solve our Problem want to play Outpost Rush. We are forced.
We switchers don’t want ruin anybodys fun - We want have fun too. That’s it.

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i was talking about this when the first transfers where online,they dont care mate.
its already too late,people have transfered and the server has a que,if u dont like the que its your time to leave the server u probably playing since day 1,thanks amazon.Atleast thats my case.
Had to leave my server which i played from day1 with friends because of people transfering to it.
Its amazons fault they opened all the servers for no reason without watching the servers that are nearly full without a character transfer,now its too late.The game will die pretty soon im sure…
Its not only the transfer,there are alot of bad things about the game i dont want to mention right now.And dont get me wrong i LOVE this game…but its too late.

AGS close transfer to overpopulated servers !!!

Blame AGS for not making outpost rush cross server. Of course all the pvpers are going to transfer to the highest pop servers because that’s the only way to actually get outpost games.

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Their definition of full is different than ours. For example, Valhalla is the most populated server on US East. It has a queue during most of the day and an hour queue during peak time. It is not considered “full” by AGS.