Here Ervid, from Kor server.

Why do you let people transfer their PJ into a full servers?

Again 500 queue.

You dont learn nothing devs …

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Same - no queue the whole time and today 1700… Hellheim…


Wait, why are you blaming the devs for players stupid decisions on where to transfer?


I think I am going to have to agree with this reply. Its not the devs that are picking where to transfer characters. Heck, even the devs put out a graphic showing where the least populated servers are.

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you should be thankful, your server will have a healthy pop for a few months

Because devs should close server transfer where the server is full or have queues

The initial reason they were wanting to let people transfer was to let people transfer to be with friends and whatnot. But when queues got too high, people didn’t want to have to wait to start playing the game and they could go ahead and start leveling their characters. Not that servers aren’t nearly as crammed and packed, they are giving those people that chance. Sure people are transferring to servers and causing queues again, but those people who sacrificed playing with friends over getting started in the game are now making that move they were promised.

Honestly, those that have a problem with this are just being selfish because they forgot why Amazon was allowing this in the first place.

I expected many things, especially technical problems, or that the storage would be deleted, or that the houses would be gone. I was prepared for some crap like that. But not for the fact that there seems to be no control system to prevent the servers from filling up not only to the maximum, but even beyond. I’m beginning to think that AGS is not driven by students, but by some low-IQ maniacs.

The recent queuing issues have been resolved for the most part, not because more servers have been made available or the character cap has been increased, if applicable. No. The problem was solved by tens of thousands of players simply giving up.

poplar servers are getting giga screwed now, streamers are moving to new servers, and along with them comes hundreds of pipo boys after…

bot army is coming

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I kinda regret that I transferred to a popular server (EU-Hellheim) 2k queue

I was chilling and told myself that AGS said they will stop transfer to any server when it become full, but instead we back to the launch day problem </3

I’m done with this mal-professionalism

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