Queues are only getting worse

It is unacceptable that server transfers aren’t in place yet. Game is a mess, queues take hours and when you think you will finally log in you get an “unable to stablish connection” message".


I honestly do not think they have the ability to do it. From a tweet they posted it sounded like they were working on it - and that surprised me due to the fact it should be a basic feature of a MMO backend.

Not all queues. Far from it. There’s an AU server that I play my second character on and I have successfully never queued on it, regardless of what time of day it is. So, are the servers which were ridiculously popular and over-subscribed at launch still ridiculously popular and over-subscribed? Yes. Gosh, who would have thought that?! But are others? No they’re not.

Your takeaway from this: play on a quieter sever, have fun, and transfer when they start… if you even feel like you need to transfer. You might end up liking the lower-pop server anyway.

I started on Hades EU server on day 1 …I really don’t think I should have to change servers, they should have restricted new character creations after it was obvious that the server was way past capacity. I am having to alter my sleep patterns in order to be able to actually log in. This morning I fell asleep at 8 am after waking early, I was flagged as AFK which I ofc should be but now I have been in the queue for over 2 hours and it has reduced by 400 … I have another 2 hours to go. Some days the queue is over 2000 that’s 10 hours of queueing. The US servers seemed to get extra servers to cope with the demand days before the EU ones did , which I don’t think helped the EU at all.
I am sure many will transfer from Hades , but it could be they are just replaced by many who want to return to play on it. Just pointing out that a one free server transfer might not be the solution everyone thinks it will be ,.

I would have transferred if it was possible. Also playing in AU makes zero sense to me.

Just delete character and move to another server. That’s what I had to do after playing the 1st day and at lvl 24.

Depends where you live, mate. And besides, it was a suggestion for you, anyway.

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