Quick Prep Guide for Mutations Feedback appreciated :)

Quick prep guide for new world. Would like some feedback on improving future videos if I could.

Still kinda new to editing with davinchi resolve, so don’t be too harsh on me, but all tips would be appreciated.

Forgot to add music to background. will add that to next video. sorry.

thanks :wink:

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Watching now :slight_smile:

1: Yep

2/3: You want 5 of each Cast, @Zin_Ramu confirmed you can use saved up casts and each will give you +2 from 585-600.

4: There is a possible known bug that trophy bonus in Dungeon do not apply. Not sure if that is confirmed or not. At LEAST get the Basic trophies, the Major trophy farm are horrible drop rates (like a 0.03% drop rate)

5: Yep

6: Recommend only raising Epic’s to 600, not past 600. Get that +1 stat and then wait until you get a replacement legendary for that slot. Good tip about the 590-590 rolls, I think Umbral costs a decent bit to go 590-600. Keep in mind, Umbral usage locks the item to you, you won’t be able to cheese profit this.

8: BoP Epic drops (like Infamy, Will, etc) seem to be unique in that Umbral will upgrade them to the Legendary version. SO keep your 599 or below Epic BoP drops.

Potions, yup.

Good guide, lots of information for folks. +1 would heart again.

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Feedback trying not to be too critical. The transitions fading out to black and back in are distracting. The sound and everything defens and the fade out and back in feels off to me. Other than that, keep up the good work.

Nice. I like your presentation style. Keep it up.

I agree, I plan to change that in the next video. The sound fading out I think is cause I added the transition, but I’m going tinker with that more.

omg, so many good tips! thanks! i will most likely mention some of these when I make the updated guide! plan to make a more advanced guide in a day or two with some better tips. did some more testing since they released the new ptr patch. like if you upgrade a 590 piece of gear with umbral shards it costs 407 shards to make it 600.

thanks, really trying to get my editing better. I know i can put out some quality content, just need to make my videos look cleaner.

Again, if anyone else has any tips/suggestions for editing the video, feel free to comment. I won’t get offended.

My pleasure dude <3

Good video, always learn some little thing you never knew :smiley:

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