Quickswapping weapons stop moveanimation

I recently seen people of other factions, that im trying to fight out in the wild, using some kind of glitch/exploit. No matter what kind of headstart i get to run away, or engaging them, they always seem to fly away in the manner of “Flash”, like, superfast.

I Noticed they were swapping weapons alot but couldent really get my head around it… until i tried myself.

If you do a dodge forward, and before the dodge-animation is done for, if you swap weapon the dodge wont stop your movement forward.

So press dodge, swap weapon, press dodge, swap weapons. With light armor, you become flash and it almost feels like you are using a kind of a mount.

This is essentially what we call animation canceling in ESO. They allowed it for years and finally changed some parts of it by improving various attacks as opposed to fixing it and banning people who do it. Its just part of PvP over there. Black Desert Online also has similar animation canceling if you know how to weave skills together. Once you learn how to do it’s fun. The more efficient you can be the better and players will always find the most efficient methods of doing just about anything.

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