Quit lying about in Game reports. Ban these Bots

In the most recent dev video, in game reports are looked at within 3 hours? This is extremely false. You can say you have banned 10’s of thousands of bots, but every day. I report the same bots. Some bots I report days at a time. I have even started numbering the amount of reports I put in on some of them.

  1. Bots are designed to fight mobs
  2. Bots are designed to twitch once in a while to keep from going AFK.
  3. It is very easy to spot them with their actions in game.
  4. Of course there is a player running multiple accounts and can appear at one. But rarely happens.

Can you please get in game and start literally countering this issue. It isnt hard to find them. Most are at all the Orichalcum spots. They stand there for hours on hours on days at a time.


FOR WEEKs I have reported these bots around Imperial alone. They make companies to put all the hoarded money into. They are milking the large Ori profits. The botter runs multiple accounts. No one removes them. Your investigation team needs a lot of work.

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Oh this one is my favorite. I have even reported and explained the bots in the damn mountain. But still since level 35 as far as I know has been sitting here mining Ori, glitched INTO the mountain.

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They said reports are looked at and prioritized very quickly. Active anti-bot enforcement is a pretty low priority. They’re convinced that they’ll be able to code the bots out of existence…someday.

I understand that view too. Feels like they dont realize bots will just keep advancing over time at the rate it is going.

Behind the curtain Amazon itself are the coinselling services. At this point its the only thing that makes sense to me since bots are hitting lvl60 from farming minor materials in Windsward.

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