Quoted forum posts

Why are all the forum posts being auto edited by the system when I quote people when replying?

Hello @Indignation,

Do you know which post got edited? So I can look into it. Or try to quote me to see if it will allow it.

Test quote

It happened on this post here

Why am I being quoted?

Didn’t mean to quote you in the post. I was showing my quotes on other posts get auto edited.

Ahh, well you are welcome to quote me should it help resolve any issues.


Yes it was edited by the system not sure why it happened, I am not able to see why it was edited, but the rest looks all good you don’t have anything locked to your account and it does look like you are able to quote us. If you still encounter edits by the system let me know so I can escalate it for you.

Take care :wink:

If you’re quoting an entire, longer post, the forum removes the quote and you just get an indicator in the upper right to see the previous post (if there are posts between your reply and the post you’re replying to). At least, that’s been my experience.

This is exactly what’s happening. It doesn’t really matter the length it just auto edits when I post it. I will try again today.

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