Rabbit Event Chest?

Me too. Plus I got enough sumptuous rabbit for 200+ 40 con food.


The entire tagging concept needs to change. There shouldnt be a percentage tied to how much damage you do in order to get loot from a portal or boss or any mob, if you tag it you should get the reward or if someone in your party tags it you should get the reward.

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I really hate this event. Not fun at all. An event based on RNG is not fun/good.
I’m on 2300+ rabbits and still havn’t got the chest. My friends got it quick and is now doing “fun” stuff in the game, like mutations and such. I’m still hunting the damn rabbit.

Congratz welcome to the club :slight_smile:

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Ya I agree

Thanks for this! It actually helped.

My favourite spots were too crowded today, so I was looking for a new place to farm. I thought I’d give your suggestion a shot. There’s only like 7-8 bunnies close together, but they respawn fast and the spot is quite out of the way. Only one other person passed by, killed a few bunnies and then moved on.

I managed to get the chest after around 750 total kills (240 of which in this spot). Nearly damn missed it as well…

Cheers! And good luck to everyone still trying to get it!

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Congrats on your chest! Yeah, the only reason I liked that spot is as you say it’s a bit out of the way, and the rabbits respawn really fast, so I was able to do a continuous loop around there until i got it.

Try relogging often. Killed 700 rabbits over 3 days. Killed 100 on 3rd day then decided to log out and log back in and got my chest after 10 rabbits killed.

Finally got it after 1260 rabbit, 40+ min each day around since the patch released.


I got it after 150 rabbits without luck gear

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  • [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ <— super handy for understanding Luck!

  • IF you miss your drop, it goes back into the loot pool after 3 minutes.

Good luck to everyone!

pretty sure another mod confirmed its not effected by luck at all which doesnt help.

please remember to remove the text stating that the rabbit feet might help. as it wouldnt. (edit oh they already did it good)

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I really don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything, but it really feels like this comment is meant to troll us, as luck does not help getting the chest :wink: The event description was even edited to remove the mention of luck.

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Thanks for the response. You are correct, luck does not help with obtaining the chest!
However, for clarification on how exactly luck works - I’ve linked the FAQ. :smiling_face:

He just gave you the correct information. That’s not trolling at all.

If the event description was edited, it’s because it was wrong information and they fixed it.


Now about the event:
Was it fun?. Not much.
Was it a bad event?. Not at all, it was a simple event, not much lore on it. Easy to get Luck food, and a SUPER HARD to get chest. But difficulty of the chest was stated from the first day. Like any other MMORPG, there are items that are SUPER hard to get. And you need days if not months to get it. There is a chance not all players get the chest, and i’m fine with it. It’s a lot more rewarding to get this chest if you took the time to farm it.
And lets be honest, there is no fun at all if you can get the chest after 100 rabbits.

The only thing they should have added is a system to prevent ppl from farming 3000 rabbits and not getting it. This event should be like a normal quest, with a rabbit kill counter. When you reach X number, you can get the chest too. That at least would help ppl that took the time to farm but have a super bad luck.

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Hello. My name is Alexey and I have a big problem. I spent the whole event searching for and destroying poor rabbits. But I never got the trunk from them. I tried to be in luck, eat food for luck, trophies for luck, etc. But the trunk didn’t fall to me. I really love decorating houses and this chest is very important to me. I ask you to help solve my problem. I ask you to look at my logs and make sure how many of these cute animals I destroyed. It’s Easter today and I’m not in the mood to celebrate it.

Vanaheim Luft (DE/RU) EU Central
Character name Alvarado


2000+ rabbits and still nothing, do not want to play this game


I agree, playing for hours each day doing nothing but killing rabbits…. If I eventually do get it, I’m sure I’ll take a good week or two away from this game…. If I never get, I likely won’t return. The grind has made it absolutely no fun and has all but killed my interest in the game…. Totally a mind numbing event…

Oh I’m over 4K in rabbits…. I regret ever starting it but damn so much time spent, gotta keep going. But the overall grind might just kill the game for me

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