Rabbit event is too random and not fun

First, I really appreciate you are adding a variety of events here and there and the different rewards they provide, BUT.

This event is far away from being awesome or good.
I got my chest after 550± rabbits, and I was happy that I finally got it after hours.
However, there are people who killed THOUSANDS of these rabbits and got NOTHING? TONS of people I know simply gave up after spending hours and hours trying to kill more and more rabbits.

Ofc, there will be people who got the chest after killing 10 and be like “omg this event is so good omg guys. Learn RNG lol, is this your first MMO yall?”

This is simply a bad design. On the other hand, the Winter Convergence event design was good. You just knew how long/where to farm tokens to buy what you need at the vendor and just plan your gameplay around it. Was it tedious to get all items? Yes, but at least you had some control over the results. This event is the opposite of FUN.

The next time just make rabbits drop some sort of tokens and add a vendor that will sell stuff for these tokens. Like, 1 rabbit = 1 token, 300 tokens = 1 chest, X tokens = 1 extra luck food, or whatever


Yes hand out participation ribbons please.

Yeah, I am one of those fortunate ones with the corrupted rabbits :sweat_smile:

All in all, I am having a good experience and wish that I played through the Winter Convergence event (if that’s what it was called) :person_shrugging: “Work, work-- more work-- off I go then” :hammer_and_pick: :hammer_and_wrench::broken_heart:

I do like the token idea however and which would ultimately guarantee our success as long as we’re playing and participating.

3k+ rabbits and no chest.

rNg wOw sO fUn

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I spent 8 hours one day last weekend and gave up lol We went through a server merge and went from a dead server to fighting everyone for these rabbits. Not so many people farming anymore, but I still don’t think I’ll get the chest.

Someone in game chat said the kill was slightly darker than the rest. I don’t know if that is true or not but to me the drop rate should be increased because if I go to random location with like 15 mobs 2-3 will drop something. Kill 100 rabbits and nothing so something is way off there.

4k+ here with no drop.

You’re recommendation makes 100% sense. Just have it like the convergence and give us something to work towards rather than RNG.

Working hard towards a reward is much better than gambling for a reward. This isn’t a participation trophy. That would be like the free skins they give away each month.

Make it an attainable and fair award that you have to work hard to get.

seriously more than 500 bunny for me and I gave up!!! I miss the winter event!!! It was so good

Hello. My name is Alexey and I have a big problem. I spent the whole event searching for and destroying poor rabbits. But I never got the trunk from them. I tried to be in luck, eat food for luck, trophies for luck, etc. But the trunk didn’t fall to me. I really love decorating houses and this chest is very important to me. I ask you to help solve my problem. I ask you to look at my logs and make sure how many of these cute animals I destroyed. It’s Easter today and I’m not in the mood to celebrate it.

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The bag with the chest is just an ordinary grey bag. Easy to miss if you are in trees or deep vegetation or in hill, near rocks, half asleep from mindlessly killing rabbits, etc.

This is nonsense. The bag is still visible. And you can always hear the sound of something falling out. I wish I had such a problem. But many players can’t knock out this chest. This is a mockery of the players. They would have done it like for the new year.
Kill the rabbit and get a token from it (drop 100%)
Enter an NPC that will sell goods for these tokens.
For example, the top reward chest is worth 1000 tokens. That it will be enough to kill 1000 rabbits and get it.

Nope, there is NO SOUND when the bag drops like with other items. I was lucky in that a company mate told us about his experience and the rabbit I killed was on the road so I could easily see the bag. Some have said they killed rabbits on hills and only the top of the bag was visible sticking out of the ground. Its tricky. I was on 2k when mine dropped.

My quota has been 250 rabbits a day every day of the event, some days i have gone over 1k and I easily have 5k kills total. No rabbit chest still.

You would think @Dev that the drop rate would be adjusted for the last day of the event because hundreds of us are still missing the reward.

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New World’s entire hook is keeping people rolling the dice based on FOMO. Predatory design intent on exploiting gambling based dopamine hits is all they’ve got.

You think they’re going to stop that?

Completely agree. I just dropped off my 2100th game meat and I still haven’t gotten the drop. It really doesn’t help that a server merger happened during this event making it even harder, but I still manage 50-60/hr with the increased level 60s farming low level areas for materials.

After this event I am definitely taking a long break and will NOT be recommending New World as it is atm. complete RNG events with no pity in place, forced server “mergers” (hard to say mergers when it was smaller servers being shoved onto another server which had established guilds and end game farming groups).

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