Racoon Tail Hat Not Showing in Store/Triple Dawg Dare

How is it possible that your company has completely missed the mark every month since the store launched on what skins/designs players what to see in game?

There are multiple posts of people begging to give your company money for themed costumes that ARE NOT PURPLE and look like they belong in Final Fantasy Online… We want rugged, manly, pioneer/ship wreck survivor, Captains, Generals, Knight Soldier, Sirens, Farmers, Maidens… your possibilites are almost endless yet you keep delivering designs that just don’t belong in this game. It’s feels like you are a playing a really cruel joke on the community and laughing at how much we beg for something believable. I’m not here to say someone’s work isn’t good. I am here to say it doesn’t belong in New World if you want our money. I would love more than anything to be shopping in your store RIGHT NOW… but…

I WANT to look like Davey Crockett or similar theme… anything between 1600-1920’s.
I WANT to dye my costumes when you all finally make some I want to buy (it kinda feels like a scam that your store sells costumes and dyes but the dyes don’t work on costumes and are expensive, would make more $ if they did)

I DO NOT want to look like a man in a purple dominatrix mini mouse costume or man dress or have a bucket over my head with no holes to see though.
I DO NOT want my skins to be shades or purple or teal.
I DO NOT want to wear a cape. (Should be able to hide it at least for those that do)
I DO NOT believe anyone at in this department (if there even is one) has googled what a pioneer/knight/siren/ship captain/pirate looks like and thought “Oh this is what the players are wanting” even though you already have pirates npcs in your game that have cool skins.

Google “Davey Crockett Costume” and literally create a version of that to fit this game and watch the money roll in…

I TRIPLE DAWG DARE you all honestly… prove me wrong that you won’t make a stupid amount of money off that design alone. You all are failing at Google searching era themed clothing and using what you see to design costumes for your customers. Allowing players to dye the costumes their color choice only makes each one more desirable and increases it’s appeal across your dwindling player base.

Name one company that survives off NOT giving it’s customers what they want… Write your answer here _________________.

It’s becoming harder and harder to believe our feedback is even read by whomever designs and implents these store items. Month after month, you get all the info on the forums your company should ever need to design so many themed skins (posted by players with pictures) but it apparently ends there. Slap in the face level of rude.
It’s sad that after as long as your company has been live, and as much genuine feedback from a continually burned but loyal playerbase that I have to even ask this but…


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