Rafflebones and Vista Views Locations (spoilers)


I just posted two new quick guides with Rafflebones locations and Vista Views (location and the paintings each one of them offers). Both will be coming in tomorrow’s patch. Hopefully some of you find it helpful!

Rafflebones article

Vista Views article


Love it! Thanks for helping out our community. Hope y’all have fun searching for these new in-game experiences!


Any plans to add some objects in the open world that give us small temporary buffs? :eyes: That would be a pretty neat and somewhat immersive addition.

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Interesting suggestion, I’m not aware of any plans to do that but I will definitely pass it along.


Thank you for the links. Do you have any idea how many rafflebones are spawned at the same time?

Is Rafflebones a permanent add in game, or temporary event?

Oh yay another thing with static spawn that only bots and no life unemployed sweats will get access to and will farm ad-nauseum!

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Thanks for the info! Your site is a godsend :slight_smile:

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I really hope that when the map starts opening up more, AGS puts actual hotspots in the new zones that players/even entire companies or factions would actively seek to control.

Whether its access to the next tier of crafting resources, gaining a temporary buff for war, or whatever you guys come up with…

We need a carrot on a stick in the open world thats
going to be contested at least every few hours.

Just hope this is on the roadmap somewhere :grinning:

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Exactly that! No matter how small the bonuses, it’s always good to have something that makes every part of the map relevant.

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These spawns are incorrect and its about 1 hr spawn time.

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The spawns were the spawner coordinates (Rafflebones would spawn in a radius around the spawner). I’ve just updated the coords on Rafflebone’s page (on Live version of the database, not PTR) to show every single individual spawn.

I feel like this is too much clutter and doesn’t help much, but please let me know what you think!

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Thank you. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Can you provide a link to that Rafflebones map that I can actually zoom in on? :slight_smile:

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If you click the red Rafflebones text in the article you’ll end up on the page with the map.

Direct link: Rafflebones - Creature - New World Database

Oh goodness, I did not realize that, lol!! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately due to the very low spawn rate and the underwhelming rewards i have given up looking for him, since the patch Ive only seen him 3 times in shattered Mountain and was only able to kill him once. Ive spent more then 10hrs searching for him in Shattered Mountain.

Maybe like the original Ashran Ancient Artifact :thinking: :relieved:

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