Rafflebones far too rare or non-existent

I was really looking forward to the Rafflebones and thought there was finally something to do in this really not good game. You could have happily farmed them maybe 4-5 in an hour but nothing!! I was 7 times in 12 places, always at different times on different days where they were supposed to appear and nobody was ever there. No fragments nothing!! That’s just sad why do you still have to make it so difficult for your players!!! It’s so discouraging even though the blunderbuss is great you don’t feel like leveling it up because the armor isn’t complete anyway. So there is nothing new to do if you don’t like expeditions, where are small 4 man pvp arenas?

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Im gonna drop the bomb here.

Raffle respawn after exaclty 1 hour from last kill.

If you never saw him, its because someone is killing him everitime at same time.


Raffle spawn lv66 in mines.
It happens that i check for raffle at mines.
I found raffle.
I kill raffle.
Lets say i killed it at 13.10 o clock, he will respawn at 14.10 o clock.

Players are being using this to monopolise the times when he will spawn, i got two storage only full with weapon from him.
They should make the spawn location really random, not like this.

Seems it got nerfed to hell. Never been able to find one people say its easy but It just seems like the rabbit chest doesn’t exist for some people.

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