Rafflebones missing after patch?

Has anyone killed rafflebones after the patch was implemented?

I haven’t seen him, but I haven’t gone looking for him, either.

There was a change in the patch notes that made him not guaranteed to respawn every hour, though, so he should definitely be rarer now than he was before.

Haven’t killed Him since he was added, tried to find him and nothing to be found.

Ye I know,but me and my friends were looking for him in a low pop server and we havent found him once,hence i m asking

unfortunately now it’s completely random, for a few that passed by killing them and following the spawn pattern, we all paid, now I doubt very much that you’ll see one in weeks XD.

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Terribly event anyway as someone who has been playing on alt’s below 60 since rafflebones was released into the game I haven’t ever saw a single one.

I saw him quite a bit before this patch. At several levels too. 30, 50, 60+ - even ran him into him several times during chest runs in Myrk.

But let’s be honest, his drops / loot table have always been bad. It’s not like we’re missing out anything. There’s no achievement, no challenge. a few umbrals and shiny low level blue drop with the wrong attribute. The only gear I have in this game I’ve had to buy.

The main things people want from him are Luck weapons and Dark Vengeance. He drops all the named weapons that technically can drop anywhere but realistically are almost impossible to find any other way.

As long as you find him in a 60+ region and have 600 expertise, you’re guaranteed a bind-on-equip legendary (or upgradable to legendary) weapon, although the coin value of those weapons varies between a thousand and a million.

I’m not arguing if Rafflebones is useful or not.I’m asking if anyone saw/killed him after the patch.

I read in the patch notes that he has become much rarer to find.

no, haven’t seen him ever since the new update. Did anybody see him recently, after the update?

I don’t think the change was needed even if it was somehow able to be farmed, let people have fun, it’s a game.


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