Raider‘s Hat Dropchance

Hey Guys, I just wanted to know, is the dropchance for Raiders Hat extremly lower then the other drops in Tempest?

I initially ran Tempest for 2 drops, the Blackguards Hatchet (took me around 20 runs) and the Raiders Hat.

I have now every single other drop in Tempest, many of them up to 10 times, but no Raiders Hat.

Just unlucky ?

Now that you mention it, yea, never seen that piece.

Also the guy who is supposed to drop it doesn‘t give me any loot at least 4 out of 5 times.

iv run that dungeon about 30-40 times i think

i got that piece about 30 in.

and just about every other piece besides a few other hats.

still need the sagacious hat and the snakes hat and the blackguard sword.

its fairly rare. unless you rng into it. a few people i know got the raiders hat sub 10 runs.

Hey Aw4kenen, while I can’t confirm the exact percentage of the drop rate for this hat I can confirm it’s in the pool and does indeed drop. I hope you’re able to get the hat!

Thank you for your reply!

But it Couleur be possible the different named armor pieces and weapons in Tempest have different chances to drop ?

It’s about 1 in 8 from what I have seen. I have ran the dungeon about 45 times.

Wow you have Blackguards Warhammer? That seems to be the hardest drop.

Ive done maybe 30 runs. Almost full Luck gear everytime.

NO Hatchet, NO Warhammer, No Neishatune’s Chest.

I have tons of almost every other one. I MIGHT have Raiders Hat as well, I feel like I have all the gear

i don’t know i feel like that blackguard sword might be one of the rarest ones.

im still looking for neishatune;s hats too,.

Ye Blackguards Warhammer is dropping like crazy for me. Dropped it again twice yesterday.
Seems like everyone has this one piece they want and doesn’t drop… as if the game knows that

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Stopped running past Snake guy as the drops i need and want are all before him.

Took 28 runs for hatchet… every group i was in everyone got it…
Sagacious gear? got the set, My healer… she hasnt got a drop…
Raider? completed it mate.

Ye same here. But sadly Raiders Hat guy is the last one before the snake guy. Running 5 times 30 min a day to get a single green drop from him feels so unrewarding.

I know the pain, having ran full voidbent with pearl for extra luck, using luck trophys, luck food and rabbits foot! and the luck was terrible for some of the drops…

I got so many Drops without Luck (Blackguard’s Weapons, Neishatun, Sagacious and Tacticion etc.) So I don’t think Luck works in Dungeons.

what?! dropped TWICE for you? Thats nuts. Are you running full Luck? Im literally running 3x trophies, FULL Luck Armor (Voidbent) + 3 Luck Bags, etc. Have never seen it once… Probably 30+ runs in at this point.

i actually got it yesterday on my first tempest run ever lol

I have the raider’s hat dropped in the first 10 runs i ve made in tempest as for some other guys, is a thing some drops are rare then other… the sagacious gloves for ex dropped in my first 20 runs or smth like that, while i met a guy back then who did 30 runs and still not dropped. I want to mention i dont wear any luck chear only 2.9 x3 from accesories + 2.8 bags + 3 minor loot luck

Ye twice in like 5 runs or so.
Not running full luck anymore. I feel like full luck might increase your named drops per run… but i only look for that one specific piece and I don’t feel any difference tbh

raider hat is easy i got it like in my first run or someting
right know i have full raider , wizened and dex set (forgot its name) from tempest
i want the focus set though thats hard to find so far i got only 1 piece for it…

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