Raising taxes to troll

Clearly you need to start a rebellion to overthrow the British.

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change factions, then declare war.

Taxation is theft! Change my mind

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So far it’s only been used by governors to troll on my server. Never once I have seen it used to encourage only to exploit. I appreciate your attempt but it will remain a flaw as long as that power is in the hands of a few.

Interesting though here. There should also probably be a limit where if you wish to increase property taxes to be high, other taxes must be lower thresholds to apply some level of balance and prevent money hoarding from the occupying company.

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You can only change once every 6mo, and you have to disband your company and get them all to join lol.

the only works if you’re a different faction…

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Why not a massive report of the company lead? Call him of gold seller hehehe

That’s actually kind of cool.

Did they manage to get 50 morons together that are all willing to organize and come on at the corerct time to defend their territory? Seems highly unlikely. Stop helping them defend their territory, stop using it for trade and crafting, don’t pay taxes on your house.
They will come around unless they’re just tired of the game and intend to quit anyway, all 50 (minimum) of them at once. If so then the first thing.

And if you’re in the same faction? Waiting for a 120 day cooldown on faction change maybe?
Or maybe they won those territories with cheats and exploits and will just do it again?

Or maybe they got 49 other exploiters together who are going to collect funds then use the upcoming Free Server Transfer to leave. They aren’t even going to spend any gold themselves their territories they may well have captured with cheats.
Not like this type of thing hasn’t been reported:

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That won’t change anything property tax needs to be removed from this.

Run PVP quests, declare war, win war, lower taxes. If you cant do that your opinion doesnt matter in that city.

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Create a company, challenge them for ownership of the town, and reduce the taxes, failing that, join a company thats capable of challenging them, failing that, play something else.

Dont buy a game that has a pvp oriented endgame for territory ownership, and complain about territory being owned by someone you dont like, yet wont do anything about.

So you’re making the argument they got a minimum of 50 morons together. Seems unlikely.
Taking away this little bit of power that companies have would be making the game worse imo.
I enjoy it a lot and can easily see server politics/dynamics become my favorite thing about the game once things have had a little bit more time to settle down.

I hear people say that it’s “just like real life”. But they forget one thing: Real life also have laws and a justice system. These people can raise taxes to max and sit on their childish discord server and laugh and feel good about it completely without consequences. I would say the tax system needs a rework. One solution would be to make it automaticly somehow.

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Very true. If we truly want to make this like “real life” then tax payers should either have the power to vote the Governor out of office or take him out by force. These companies raising taxes to the extreme and then having a laugh about it wouldn’t have lasted a week if this was all real. They would have either been ran out of town on a rail or assassinated.

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What you leave out is how much companies are making, especially on the major trade hubs. They make more than enough for upkeep and still profitting.

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