Raising the experience on mid level crafting

Do you think there will be an update that raises the experience gained when leveling your crafting skills on the mid-tier crafts, to help offset the fact that xp/level it’s better to just derp crafting low level items?

It can’t be right that the most value per resource used is spam crafting 10,000 low level items.
This is probably one of the worst designed crafting decisions I have ever come across.

Basically 0-200 use the crappiest materials and watch my guy craft a bazilian times, then swap up to the very best materials to make an endgame set.

Completely nullified the whole crafting experience.

Like who stops to use ANY of the mid game stuff? Fae iron, the drops from expeditions, T3-T4 rare materials? All of this is wasted material if the xp/level is best to just set like, linen boots to craft and go to bed.

Literally I am sitting here watching my dude make 900 Linen Boots. I likely will get AFK kicked before he even finishes. To convert up to silk goes from 109xp to like 610xp. The loss of linen/weave and time to do that however is a net loss.

Shh! Don’t highlight this, their solution will just be to nerf low lvl Xp and make it worse rather than improve things!


:laughing: :cry: :cry: :sob:

Yeah well I don’t care about their past, and I don’t really care much about their present, but I am keeping a close eye on their future.

The next few patches and the first announced bit of new content are going to make or break things. If it’s messed up, whelp gg gonext endwalker waiting room.

However if they actually put out a content patch and update that gives some form or direction or QOL to the game, game on lets go gg nolife New World. (he says after breaking 350+ hours ingame :cry: )

Well, this is the fault of the player base for wanting to rush to 60 as efficiently as possible.

On my way to 60, I made sure to craft myself gear which was relevant for my level. Many of the crafted items can be incredibly strong for their level. I.e. I crafted “Calamity” - a level 20 musket with 380 GS, and at 40ish i crafted “Malefaction” - a lvl 40 musket with 500 GS. I crafted lots of other stuff too - i hit 200 armoring by crafting only infused silk items from 150+, and I managed to sell lots of the items that rolled epic.

Well for me…

I didn’t rush to 60. I intentionally dragged it out. As a light armor wearing life staff from level 1.

I’ve done every single quest in the game up to SM. I grinded out every gathering to 200 (not fishing, I don’t hate myself that much). I’ve then grinded every Refining out to 200. Now i’m grinding out Crafting.

I did all of this SOLO, no company assistance. No town board nonsense.

I put my time in to the game, and let me be clear. I love this game. But every single system has something just fundamentally not okay right now. I believe the foundation is there, but as I said they gotta sort the systems out asap.

I’ll farm Elite mobs for months easy so long as they show me that functional, enjoyable system updates are coming. If the next couple patches is all about just server transfers they won’t have many people left around to worry about transfering >.>

Now on top of everything else I keep getting this every 2-10 crafts:

Anyone know a solution to this? I tried restarting client, exiting the station, trying different stations.

When crafting 10,000 Linen Boots having it fail every dozen or so is making me cry inside

I do :joy: I just craft whatever I have mats for then salvage it. I know there are more efficient ways to level but that’s no fun and I have so many mods, playing with the crafting has been a bank juggling experience.

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Fair my friend, very fair :smiley:

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