Raising the gs 625 makes absolutely no sense and we have not asked you to

Raising the expertise to 625 is not a pleasure, adding more farm rather than improving the pvp sector only ruins the game. We want pvp content, not milk the cows and collect grass from the meadows. Think about solving problems in war and giving us more pvp content, we are tired of farming!


This. I’ve moved on from the PvE grind. I only want to PvP now. If you make me run Lazarus or Genesis again to get upgrades I quit. Make PvP better. Also up PvP luck to double or triple. Open world PvP is dead. Actually all servers are still basically dead. Merge again.


I’d rather have a level cap increase over a GS increase. I haven’t even finished my main story quests… and yes, my lazy ass just wants to run through them well above the suggested level…
Pretty much how I did all of mine on my dead server prior to the merge.
Now it’s still hard to get a group for anything interesting since all people want to do is sell “vendo” stuff or do chest runs.

well atleast they made it so we can umbral shard upgrade 590 gear now thank god lmao

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