Rally a boycott for a day

Strikes, boycotts and other mass rallies do send a message. So like Dec 1, NO ONE log in for the day. Or all rally in one spot on maps and voice concerns on gen chat. Solidarity will always send a message.


Natural player dropoff is doing a fine job of that as is. Roundabout 18,000 players per day since launch have left.


Please make sure you let me know the day of the boycott so I can enjoy the empty server to myself.

Few things I wanna get done that would be easier with less people around.

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jeez, you take it too seriously don’t you?
It’s just a game so if you’re uncomfortable with the situation just stop playing, it’s not labourer rights mate

Wouldn’t make any difference, after all their own maintenance takes us offline for the best part of a day and they don’t sweat it.

I’m starting to boycott full stop…

The game is dull and boring and you can tell is was made by amateurs.

I tried giving them more appreciation than they deserved but the incompetence they show, I wonder how they still have a job.

If I slacked on my job in an Amazon warehouse like the DEVs are doing at AGS I’d be sacked and out the door.

Cable tie technicians…

What message does that send?

Those of us that can have fun, lose a day of fun. AGS saves money on bandwidth. Ultimately, loses nothing as a result.

Solidarity has never really resolved anything except given a platform for entitlement.

come join my server, I won’t bother you I promise…

Up this to sign up for the boycott!

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