Rampant cheating in every OPR game

Every single game of OPR there is one and often many abusing the running Glitch. I don’t believe that it happens accidently (in most cases). I’ve played hundreds of games and it has never happened to me where as some players it just seems to happen to over and over.

OPR is your only real PVP content. How can you let game breaking bugs run for so long?


You’re new to the game I guess.

They’ve let cheaters and exploiters ruin PvP in every way possible. Even from the first weeks of launch, lag exploits and outright invincibility cheats were used to win Wars. (Which of course led to a lot of legit PvPers leaving the game).
And literally a new cheat or exploit showed up every week.
Zero proof of action from AGS.
But hey, they removed 2000 bots a few weeks ago and recently announced another 9000 bot accounts removed. Yay, right?

PvP has been a completely pointless farce since launch because of rampant cheating and exploitation. Now that the population of legitimate PvPers is all but gone, PvP should just be deleted from New World.

Stop playing PvP. Stop queuing for Outpost Rush. Hell, stop logging in.
ONLY when AGS sees engagement number plummet will they take action – or just let PvP finally die.
If you keep playing, keep Outpost Rush alive – and keep getting your butt raped by cheaters and exploiters every time – all they see is numbers showing people are playing the game, so it “must be okay”.

Downvote New World on Steam and let players know in your review about the rampant cheating and exploitation so they can get a refund before their 2 hour Steam trial is over.


Not new - just slow I guess. I played beta. OPR is really my only interest in the game. 1 in 5 games seems to be OK despite the cheaters but it has been so long now since I had a game that didn’t have obvious cheaters I’m really loosing the will to continue.

The last game I played we were doing well but there were many cheaters on the other team. The run speed one is just so obvious visually but there were other things going on with ranged damage I can’t confirm. I’m heavy, mostly resilient, 200 con and was taking massive hits.

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Even if there was no cheating the performance in opr and wars takes the fun out of it too.


Yeah speed abuse is everywhere I got so used to predicting my shots with the bow that I deserve an tittle in game : prophet or flash killer will do , thanks.

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