Rampant exploiting

People are going crazy exploiting, not even trying to hide it anymore. This isn’t even an exaggeration, hundreds of people on our server. Every single Outpost rush you see mass amounts of people exploiting. I probably have reported about 60 people today. Gold duping, item dumping, food stacking, invulnerable light armor, dual wielding staffs machine guns and on and on and on. It’s like a free for all because they don’t think they will be banned. They see other people not getting banned so they feels it’s ok also. There is a series of bots on my server who sit at one mining node day after day all day long mining. They been doing this since day 1. Dude ran by me today to head over to his mining node and he was 32 and still without a faction all from pure mining in one spot. The guy has like 8 of them all in one area. How have these people not been banned and what message does it sent to everyone else. I have never seen a game company sit there and do nothing about exploiting/cheating. You can’t even have a fair PvP fight, it’s pointless.

Welcome to Bug World

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