Random black screen (3sec)

Hello everyone,

I tested NW in beta and I had black screens of 2, 3 sec from time to time (± 5min between each), I told myself that it was due to the beta but I just took the game and it does the same …

Do you have a solution to this problem? This is extremely frustating : frowning:

My spec:

MSI RTX2070 Super
16.0 GB of RAM
Intel (R) Core ™ i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
Win 64

could be a problem with your graphics card. cant say for certain tho

Its just with this game… so it’s really weird

again cant say for certain but a lot of graphics card have had problems with this game. what you can try is to use lower setting in game and see if that happens or maybe put a lower power draw on you gpu with MSI Afterburner

I had this same problem, and also sometimes although rarely black screens that would lose signal game was still running i could talk in discord Etc but couldn’t see anything, only way to clear was to turn pc off and restart.

I tried Everything, I was starting to think it was my New 3080 that was the problem, turns out there Seems to be a few issues with Nvidia’s drivers.

I was running the latest 472.12 driver. I tried other drivers and same problem, So i went into safe mode and used DDU to uninstall the gpu driver fully and went back to the driver i was using in closed Beta which was 466.77 and so far ( fingers crossed ) i haven’t had it happen since.

I dont know if this will Help you or not but it certainly couldn’t hurt to fully remove your gpu driver and try an older version.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

To install old version of GC, where si you need to go? NVIDIA website ?
I Can try your way If you explain me :grimacing: thank Tiberius

Yes Nvidia website, download a program called DDU ( Display Driver Uninstaller Download version ) then restart your PC into Safe mode, use DDU to uninstall your GPU driver fully and restart when prompted, then Install the Older version of your Gpu driver, restart into windows ( not safe mode ) and Fingers crossed your problem is solved, well at least That problem, we all know NW has a fair few problems still hehe

Thank i will try this today. I will let you know :blush:

i hade simular problems befor this game but that was becus my BIOS needed an upgrade efter i had upgraded my hardware

Is it safe to upgrade bios ?

yes as long as you download the one for your motherbord and you dont get a blackout while doing it

I did what you say annnd… No changes :weary:
I really dont know what to do. I have update m’y bios too btw.

im sorry it didnt work for you. i really dont know what else to suggest. Ive tried everything myself to fix the crashing to desktop ( suspended ) issue with no luck

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