Random Damage repair while in town.?

Since the recent update has anyone else looked at their weapon slot one equipped and have to repair it anywhere from .03 to .12 cents, repeatedly despite having taken no damage at all just in town???
Witnessed this occurrence half a dozen times since patch while in a town and already fully repaired. I (for example) go to view the TP and then storage and all of a sudden i need to repair again for .03 to .12 coin. I go AFK for bio, Drink, etc. (back before any afk timer) and have to repair???
Wanted to see if anyone else had noticed similar behavior. I do not have more specifics than what is stated here.
Logged in this morning to check overnight TP sales and again was struck with a .03 repair bill on the weapon slot 1 item. The actual weapon slotted/equipped doesn’t seem to matter and it only affects weapon slot one.
Wondered if this could be a similar glitch to the -1xp you would randomly get for no reason. Except my coin is actually being removed!! Verified by pictures i took which i have submitted already in separate bug report…


Edit: As of 2:41 pm PST Camelot Server Time today Friday 11/19/21 this is still occurring.

Still bugged for weapon slot 1 consistently needing repair of .03 to .06 to .12 when not used in any combat. Why is there decay happening to items while just resting in a town? Day 2 of reporting.

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