Random freezes occuring during 21:00 pm to 23:00

Since last patch my game randomly freezes especially during 21:00pm to 23:00pm. Sometimes it does that during the day as well, and by night never happens. I have a 100mbps connection which is not the best but i defently shouldnt be the problem.

Hello @Ado720, welcome to the forums!

I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing.

Can you please tell me if, when the game freezes, you can still see the image on the screen or it goes to a black screen?

Do you still listen the music and game sound when it freezes?

When the game freezes, do you have to close it or it responses back after a few minutes?

If you have not tried, please run a file check and then try the following troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting Frame Rate & Performance Issues.

When finished with those steps please also try this:

  • Refresh Credentials:
  1. From the Start menu, begin typing ‘cmd’.
  2. In the results that populate, right-click the Command Prompt result and select Run as administrator.
  3. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. Wait a few seconds and when the command prompt appears, proceed to the next step.
  4. Type ipconfig /registerdns and press Enter.
  5. Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
  6. Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.
  7. Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.
  • Toggling IPv6:
  1. From the Start/Windows Menu, select Settings.
  2. Select Network and Internet.
  3. In the Status section, under Change your network settings, select Change adapter options.
  4. When the Network Connections window opens, right-click your network connection.
  5. Select Properties. Scroll to Internet Protocol version 6.
  6. Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) box.
  7. Select OK to save your changes for the selected network adapter.
  8. Try launching the game again. A PC restart may be necessary.
  • Shut down the computer completely. Turn it on, then run the Steam client as administrator and try the game again.

Have a good one! Take care.


i already did everything you suggested, the game still has preoblems and is getting worse, i think is something related with my input latency when it gets to like 80 or 90 it freezes. During these days its getting even worse, it frezes after 5 minutes every time

the game just freezes and crashes, sometimes it gets up after a couple of seconds but most of the time just crashes


I tried everything after experiencing the same issue as you. I finally used a vpn and connected to a server on the west coast (I’m on a US West server and live several hundred miles away in southern Idaho). I tracked my Ethernet traffic before and during the freeze, and it dropped to below 500 kb/sec. The vpn, so far, has fixed this problem. No more random freezes. FYI Pre-VPN: If I let the game sit while frozen, it did become playable again/“unfreeze”, but the problem came right back every 5 min or less.

Hello @Ado720

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and trying the troubleshooting steps shared by my colleague!

Has there been any error messages when the game crashes? If so, please share the error message with us.

If you have not been getting any error message, please try these steps and let me know if it works:

  1. Make sure that your Windows install is fully up to date with no update pending.
  2. Ensure that GPU Drivers are updated.
  3. Run System File Check: Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files
  4. Use the Event Viewer to review Event Logs to determine the cause of the application crash.
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall New World.
  6. Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat .

I hope this helps! :mage:

i already did everything you said, still doesnt work

Hello @Ado720

I’m sorry that you’re still experiencing the issue.

Let’s please try these steps and let me know if it works:

  1. Switch to a wired keyboard and mouse, or controller. This will ensure that wireless latency or interference isn’t a factor in your situation. If switching to wired doesn’t improve your input latency, you can switch back to your preferred peripherals.
  2. Set V-Sync to OFF for the lowest possible input latency.
  3. Try adjusting your in-game video settings to reduce the amount of work your computer’s doing. This can reduce input lag in some cases.

As well you could try some of the troubleshooting steps shared on the following post: Game keeps crashing? Try any of these steps!

I hope this helps! :mage:

i tried, still having issues

Hello @Ado720

I’m sorry that the issue is still ongoing.

Let me PM you in order to escalate this issue for you!

Since the recent content patch… My game will freeze… Completely lock up, frozen on the last game frame. It requires closing the client via the task manager. It will happen randomly maybe once every hour or two.

Never had this issue before with over 1000 hours of gameplay.

Its not him, or me, or the others that posted about this already…

Its something in the recent patch.

Hello @Ado720

I have escalated the issue for you with all the information that you have shared with us and I will keep you updated as we work in getting this solved for you.

I hope you have an amazing day!

Hello @Ado720

Thank you so much for your patience, our team needs to gather some extra information.

Could you please answer these questions?

  1. Which part of the game usually freezing/crashing? Is it during an expedition, outpost rush, etc?
  2. Is the issue happening when there’s a lot of players in the area?
  3. What is your ISP/internet provider?

I’ll be waiting for your response! :mage:


Its not in a particular situation, it just occurs during specific time like from 21:00pm to 23:00pm. Sometimes the freezes starts also in the afternoon. It doesent matter how many players are in the area. I have an Italian internet provider called Eolo, but the issue happens as well when i have max connection (100mbps) and 50 input latency in game. I have this problem since the void patch and some operators in the live chat told me that is a common problem.

Hello @Ado720!

Thank you so much for all of the details, I’ll share them with our team and I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update!

Have a great day! :mage:

hello any news regarding this issue?

Just an idea… Are the freezes happening when the server is executing the gleamite meteors by chance?

No they happen at random

ok, i was thinking that maybe they are, even though you arent near them, causing you issues because the extra load they put on the server, and by relation, your system.

One thing to keep in mind, other people arent having this issue, especially at a certain time.

While it COULD be the server and/or code, it’s more likely your computer system.

And im not saying that its underpowered or not good enough, just listen for a sec…

Windows schedules things to be done at certain times, most of this is automated, and you never know its even going on.

Go to windows search and type Task Scheduler.

Open the program.

In the left column, click on Task Scheduler Library.

Now in the middle upper section, you will see all the automated tasks that windows will perform for itself AND installed app/programs.

Start by looking for anything thats executing a task during the times you mentioned the issues.

If/when you find some, right click & disable them.

To be honest, for the best overall performance disable everything that has to do with google update, Graphics card update(nvidia/AMD), Microsoft Edge update, Crash report send times, and anything related to antivirus scans.

You may have more that could be removed, depending on whats installed on your PC.

Essentially you want anything attempting updates, checks, reports, etc while you are gaming to be disabled, and its always better to manually update these as you need.

For example when you launch google, it will tell you that it needs updated.

After youve done all that… i recommend uninstalling any antivirus you have, keep the installer… and every once in awhile reinstall it, do a thorough scan, then uninstall again. Repeat as needed.

Then theres 2 programs i recommend you download & install…

The first being “Cleanup by steven gould”

This is a basic cleaning program to safely remove uneeded files, junk, obsolete stuff, etc…

Then download and install CCleaner… You want to run the cleaner, and run the registry repair, and the “fix windows issues” part.

Once youre done, you can delete CCleaner as you dont want its active element running in the background using up resources. You can keep Cleanup by steven gould if you would like… it doesnt have an active running element… both have been around for about 20 years and are trustworthy.

After all that, restart your system, test the game, and let me know if it helped any for you! Good Luck.

I will try what your saying but this issue started since the void patch amd happens only in a specific time of the day, it would b weird that is my pc