Random invasion pick gets kicked

Tell me this. What’s the point of invasions randomly picking 40 people from stand-by list when they get kicked almost instantlly? I was signed up for 4 invasions during 2 day period and got kicked from 3 of them. The answer was always the same “just prepping”

So I don’t see point of picking 40 random people when the leader of the army can just kick them all out until he gets the people he wants. So either put it that way so leader can only manipulate his 10 people and rest is picked randomly and locked, or just get rid of that random picking and let leader of the reigning company choose the whole army.

I’m getting sick and tired of always being kicked, might aswell not even sign up.

Random picks my behind


fix this i cannot believe this is a feature


Its ridiculous!! I get random picked and get inside the invasion 5 times, and all 5 times i am kicked!!

As it seens, only 2 big guilds are having the oportunity to play invasions, they pick 10, then they kick everyone out until just their friends get inside!!

If its random, how the hell they get to kick everyone out until just their friends can play???

On Modun server, two guilds only get to play the invasion, New Anarchy and Omega Clã, all other ppl get kicked many times until just their friends and members get to play the invasion!!!


Joined my first Invasion got kicked by whoever has the power to do it. What is the point of a random pick if the leading faction can just kick everyone?

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Should just be reworked to be able to sign up as a role, then once the roles are filled you are queued. Let the company commander set how many of which role they want. If they have too many dps they will keep kicking until they have the heals and tanks they need. Invasions aren’t easy and need the right group comp to have a hope at winning.

Example: (note I don’t know the optimal loadout, just an example)
Tanks 0/6
Heals 0/8
DPS 0/36

Then sign up as one of those roles.

Another problem is people will randomly get kicked if they aren’t 60 at this point because there are enough 60s now to not need to settle for sub 60s, they will also get kicked if their weapon loadout is bad for pve. Don’t bring a musket.

Welcome to the group. 7 Signed ups and kicked 7 times

Why isn’t this adressed is beyond me. It’s clearly a bad design. Kick should not be available.

The same happened to me today.
I have rushed a little to get level 50 because I was interested in this mode. But after getting picked I have been kicked instantly without any explanation. The list of picked players was almost only level 60 players. If only level 60 can play invasion why it isn’t limited to this level ? Second: 90% of the picked players were the same faction. And it was not my faction.
It was an annoying experience because only 10 had to be picked by faction “leader” and 40 randoms (!). But WTF?
Getting picked for PvP wars is almost impossible (could join only one war because a lot of picked players didn’t get online). And getting kicked from a PvE invasion event is a kick in my ass as a New World Player because I feel fooled by the information in the game. It’s a lie.

Its not exactly a lie.

The companies are exploiting very bad design and the game developers clearly do not care at all because that is a 2 minute fix (if the developer only has one finger to type) :smiley:

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The main thing is, the damn invasions are way too gd hard and it absolutely destroys towns. It makes buying outside territory a huge waste of money since you can’t defend them against invasions.

It would make sense if invasion difficulty actually matched the recommendation. Then people wouldn’t get kicked so often. When it’s so hard, and the stakes are so high, and towns aren’t making enough money from taxes, of course you’ll get ppl desperately trying to stack the deck.

They need to adjust it’s difficult or move the level req to 60.

They should also have different level invasions and pvp modes. Imagine protecting supply lines or something? The pvp missions are so corny but they could be instanced king of the hill or capture the flag or even good ol death match.

Rift did really good pvp missions.

They are kicking level 60ies to bring in 55s from their company.

And invasions are straight up unbeatable unless they bug out.

Me and my friends signed up for 3 invasions today. We got into two of them, and both times my friends got kicked for not being 60. This is horse crap. A major feature of the game and one of the few pieces of end-game content is off-limits to the vast, overwhelming majority of the playerbase. If this is the way it is designed to be, we’re out.

Yea I’ve seen that too but doing that pretty much insures they will lose.

There is no beating invasions, no matter how

That too lol

This is getting so f***ing old.

I think this is finally what does it for me. Maybe in three or four months will try this beta game out again.

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Hi! Just wanted to post my feedback that I’ve been also kicked from an invasion.

The Invasion I was joining, by the time it started, had 40 Syndicate members. No Covenant members at all, roughly 10-15 Syndicate members and only 2 Marauders who had probably been bugged when they joined in and remained in the standby rather than being outright kicked (myself included).

If Invasions are meant to be done with random members apart from the selected 10 members, please change the kick/report rulings to reflect this. Otherwise the Company Leader (or whoever has power over the selected members) will influence the randoms by force.

The Invasion rules in the “What are invasions?” sections states 10 members chosen, 40 at random. What is happening here isn’t random selection, but manual manipulation :frowning:

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Invasion are NOT meant to be won… They are a cash and time sink,… if Invasion were easy all towns would be everything Tier 5 and there would be NO Missions for anyone to do on Town Boards… SO getting standing for the bonuses would become 1000% harder. They are there for FUn and free Gold Azoth and Standing

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Invasions are beatable but take a well prepared and coordinated team, and a little luck to not get too many bosses at once, something not possible with picking 40/50 at random.

I agree as it is now Invasions are just a mechanic to force town destruction and give players something to do for a few minutes. Invasions should scale off of town level (higher town level harder it is), payout based on progress (pay 30 coin per minute survived), and downgrade less stations based on how far you get (make it to wave 8 only lose 1 station level).