Random rollback

So if the rollback has rolled back and the items and the coins are being removed from characters that received them improperly , what happens first with the items that were at Trading posts way before the madness begins ? and secondary if a rewind was made how come they didn’t do it properly : i mean I got about 310k and my choice was to abandon 3 houses and buy 3 x 20k houses . Problem is after so called rollback i didn’t have the new house , but as well don’t have the old ones back .
So either a full rollback of the server prior to 11 pm on 24.11 or just let it roll .

Dam… looks like those who tried to take advantage of that easy money got instant karma.


Well unlucky for trying to capitalise on clearly a huge mistake from AGS,

The rest of us with a brain just assumed it was a bug and didn’t make any major changes to our character, expecting a roll back


deserved xD

is not about capitalising , i was sure it will be a rewind , but doing it randomly that is annoying

A few people put tickets in for this occurrence and were told to not spend it at all.

Well this is the result…

It’s not about capitalising?

There was about a 40 minute playable window yesterday between being given the gold and the servers going offline, and you managed to fast travel round to each house to abandon and buy the tier 3 ones in a hope it would go under the radar

Nah mate, enjoy homelessness lol


Seems legit to me… you try to get some advantage from a bug, an exploit basically. Karma rules.


ah well , is just another game . enjoy your brain … the rest of you that have one.

Karma at it finest.

People here seem narrow.minded.
I couldn’t fckin care less what you did with your ephemeral coins.
OP has a point that you are all missing.
This rollback doesn’t seem time bound.
It’s not that they reloaded the server from 12:45pm. They just undo all individual actions you did past that time to “mimic” a rollback.

In our dear OP case he just got the new houses bought undone. But the sale of the old houses was not.

Now tell me, what happens to the 2% ( Congratulations :partying_face: if you get this reference) that will have +300k sent to treasure not being undone?
This is literally the same as good dupping and it’s not realistic to assume 100% success rate of undoing these actions (as OP just proven with his house case).

So try to see the big picture here

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please give us a Laughing react ><

Doesnt seem time bound?

Are you stupid? They rolled it back to a certain time, what you done after that is irrelevant as we ALL got rolled back.

in the OP case he quickly went round to upgrade all his houses to tier3 with his new found glitch money and has lost in the process.

I lost some cinnabar and a voidore during the roll back, but im not crying, its better than having 16 trillion coins floating around

get a grip

Re-read the post 5 times and try again please.
For better result edit your comment so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Right no proof anyone managed to keep their glitchgold… But because some randomer on the forums says people have done… must be true

gtfo you joker

i did lost 14 k + items this is not fair at all we did not get compensation and they took my money and item i feel really not apricated by the dev team

You got it ! It was probably challenging but you overcame your reading inability.
Now that we can communicate let me get you up to speed:

  1. rollback = loading old stuff;
  2. TP database is separate from the game itself;

Let’s take a look at what happened.

  1. They took 9 hours to launch servers;
  2. TP is disabled while they work on it(with servers live).

If you try very hard you may reach the punchline by now but here is my opinion:

If handling TP separetly is an option and rollback is simply loading an old save it’s literally impossible that this took them 9 hours being their top priority.

Which leaves the following possible conclusions:

  1. They are unable to define clear lines of action and took 6 hours to come up with this plan+ 3 hours to execute it;

  2. This was not a priority; (let’s hope it’s not this one)

  3. They couldn’t rollback and had to manually mimic a rollback which leaves us vulnerable to human error.

I am betting on number 3. What about you shinning star?

Edit: this has nothing to do with trying to exploit the money or not. Just serves as evidence to a possible underlying problem

Oh shit! Not gonna lie, this is hilarious. Everyone who got ridiculous amounts of gold and immediately found ways to spend it Because they knew fine well it was a huge fuckup, deserve the karma from things like this. :joy:

Lol karma really exist xd Now it is your problem you really were so stupid and thought that this money you got by mistake will stay with you ? Xd

There were people who saw the coins and reported it on the forums, there were people who bought houses and there were people who bought everything from TP and relisted it for 10 times more… I am not really feeling sorry for people who got the karma they deserve.