Randomize Resource spawns

The games been out for no time and people have already mapped out the majority of resource placements, to me thats just kind of sad. I cannot go and look for things and get lucky to find a good area to gather in, everyone else has already looked online and is camping the good spots.

So anyway, I have an idea.
Lets use ore as an example.

For a given zone you have iron/silver/gold that spawn in specific locations on specific timers currently. You need specific amounts of each per zone to ensure players in that zone are going to be able to gather enough to progress.

My suggestion

  • All iron/silver/gold spawns per zone to be designated “ore” spawn zones, shouldn’t be a problem because they are the same size/shape vaguely.
  • Many more “ore” spawn points to be added to each zone, as many as are practical to add.
  • Each server on a regular schedule (weekly/monthly) re-arranges ore spawn points in a given zone, using its knowledge of what amount of what ore is needed per zone, it randomly allocates the correct amounts around the zone.
  • Player tracking of resources has better range
  • Player maps could potentially be updated to show known ore spawn zones until they are shifted around. Maybe take this a step further and allow players to craft this information into a consumable for other players to trade/buy.

I think with this we get a significantly more fun system for people who are into gathering/crafting. I hope the game moves away from static gathering routes and power levelling skinning zones. To me that removes a lot of the fun and devalues having high level tradeskills. I think this could be applied to many other resources, obviously not trees. Fishing is an interesting one, I think the best fishing spots should change regularly aswell.



Perhaps it may be easier to add iron drops from starmetal nodes and so on. Something should be done to mitigate the escalating requirement for T1 resources as you level crafting.


The t1 resource needs are the only thing keeping my wallet full :sweat_smile:

I get it and it’s bass ackwards.

I agree on the better range i can visually see the resource before its ever on my radar lol,
but the resource thing would be a very hard sell because it’s already in the core model, it would take a entire rebuild, maybe in New World 2…

People would just run the same routes if spawn points themselves are not changed. Changing the type of spawn will not fix. Changing the spawn points themselves would mean a change to the base game coding to either add new spawn locations. I don’t see this happening.

That being said, I like the idea of adding some T1 drops to higher tier nodes. Some kind of balancing is needed. Otherwise, bots will take over spawn locations. There are already 3 or 4 on my typical iron farming route.

Even Zos knew this.

Same :smiley:

And I think this is exactly what was intended. Gives new players a way to make some meaningful bank, high level players can easily skip this content by just buying T1s from the market.

Yeah it should never be released without randomized spawn locations. They currently spawn on the exact same location. You can literately just leave your game at night with an auto clicker and your bag will be full when you’re back lol…

This is a very rookie level issue, but this is their first mmo, that was to be expected.

and yet everyone knows thats not what happens because the iron nodes anywhere remotely near any village are always constantly depleted.

They just need to code in an alternating spawn system That References the last Node Harvested and Alternates between 5-10 different spots per node. Upon spawn of node,server checks to see if a node was harvested there recently, if so it then randomly picks between the alternate 5-10 coded in.

I think uve misunderstood.

I am saying we add loads more potential spawn points then in any one period of time random ones would be active. So it would appear from a players perspective that each week/month everything had moved around. It wouldnt be that you go to a spot where last week there was 3 iron and there would be instead 3 gold, there would most likely be nothing in those spots as they are potential spawn points.

If you make the number of potential spawn points incredibly numerous then knowing routes of all of them is kind of useless, it would just be more practical for a player to run into the hills and explore.

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“core model”, “entire rebuild”… What?
None of this is particularly crazy stuff and is very easily in the realm of possibility.

This is not a core change to how resources exist and work, its just affects their locations.

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I think I hear what you’re saying and would agree if they had more resource spawn nodes. As it stands they would need to add more spawn locations. Otherwise, I think it would just lead to more resource scarcity as nodes would not spawn as frequently because people be farming like crazy right now.

I think the only solution given the number of total spawns is likely a limiting factor is to add T1 resource drops to higher tier nodes. That would be an easier fix and move some higher level farmers to higher level zones.

In response to an earlier point you made, the main difference between ZoS/ESO and ASG/NW resource system is the quantity of lower tier resources still required at higher levels. ESO you don’t need lower tier resources at a certain point in crafting whereas in NW the lower tier resources are always relevant. I only say this to point out there is a difference. Not sure what to be learned from the comparison, but I do think there is something there.

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I agree, this would be nice. I just don’t see them adding more potential spawns is my point. I assume the resource spawn locations are wrapped up in the core code, but I could be wrong.

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I dont think adding more resource spawn nodes is outside the realms of possibility, to be honest I think once you have a system which relies on potential spawn points over specific ones, it would be easy to just click all over cliff sides and allow the game to spawn nodes there. At the end of the day, all it is is a list of coordinates where some game dev has decided a resource can spawn.

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I hope it is that easy to fix. I admittedly don’t have a ton of coding experience beyond pretty basic stuff.

Also, hope someone at ASG reads this thread. I think this is an important issue in the future of the game given how much T1 resources play a role in the late game crafting.

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I agree. Having resources at fixed positions takes away some fun from finding them. If more people start to focus on certain resources there will be no chance of getting them because every spot will be mined very quickly. It will probably make bot’s jobs easier as well. Binding resources to regions is a good idea but exact locations could be randomized.

I believe this is a personal choice. I like the fixed position myself.
Besides I believe the game was designed this way, would take A LOT of effort to make such a thing, they would have to make sure that nothing spawns inside of anything, out of reach, etc.
I don’t think this will be ever made in this game.

Someone already had to go through all these map areas and place down the various ores in places doing these things. It would just be a case of doing more of it, lots more of it.
Im sure amazon has interns.
That also mostly only applies to ore, gathering bits can intersect quite safely.