/rant /ptrfeedback /bownerf

/rant /ptrfeedback /bownerf
Instead of buffing the weapon’s buffer frame to improve the weapon’s fluidity for a better experience, now developers are deciding to go further and remove the thing that likely makes the bow viable. So I am now officially switching to covenant to splash holy water on myself and pray that the enemies don’t hit me as much.

Instead of carefully approaching why people are being frustrated about the bow jump, have developers considered that many other weapons are getting so clunky that they become so much more unenjoyable to use?

People are complaining about it being hard to hit. Well, learn to aim. Are you going to chop 1000 trees a day and expect you to be pro players that hit everything? Bow jumping is instead something to do with movement. The player has to focus on their moment, as well as aiming with the bow to be able to get the kill, not something that is going to get you a kill on an instant press of a button like ice spike and ice shower(also causes ping spike) and unmovable bug (emergency for war)

We live in 2022 already devs, kids nowadays are more talented than you think. Unfortunately, being clunky isn’t something we enjoy.



Jump cancelling was a bug and not intended in the game, you were abusing the bug. Combat fluidity has nothing to do with cancelling attach animation with jumps.

Time to wear the big boy pants and accept that the bug was fixed.


Quite hilarious cuz IG is causing the lag spike with high damage and bug to other players, but Amazon never decide to fix that


I cant wait to see HOW they fixed it. Because the buffer bug was their first FIX and it messed alot of stuff up. SO whats the new fix look like? Cant wait.


No mate, it was always a thing but people didnt use it because they didnt need to until last month when a huge shadow nerf went through to the bow and you needed to or you would stand still for 2 seconds for each shot


I am fully over it because it is so much more fun harassing people with ice gauntlet, understandable that it is a bug and unintended. Yet, in the video where developers talk about future plans, they are targeting sure things with priority because it significantly affects players’ experience. And this bow’s bug is on the frontlist. Old bloods nowadays are just complaining to cover up their incompetence. I am simply taking an example of this fix to clarify why people are complaining and allow developers to wonder whether they had the right approach for their decisions in future planning, which is entirely the purpose of feedback. No need to be offended.

Meh, every weapon feels clunky at the moment so they really need to fix their netcode before making individual changes to weapons. They won’t do it though. That takes too much work (understandably) so it’s easier to just satisfy the players that complained about this bow thing. People will still miss hits on bow players and find something else to call out.

It was a fix not a nerf…


It is indirect nerf to the bow, considering how clunky the weapon will be without developers fixing their code at the current stage.

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Bow Main and welcoming the Bow Jump removal. It was just not fair for other weapon player. Gonna be honest sometimes.


As a bow user since Alpha 1, that jump cancel was a major bug, and I’m glad they fixed it.


I have to disagree with you on this one. Its not just bow jumping, its jumping in general to avoid damage states. If a player with a spear or etc comes and swings their spear at you to trip your feet, if you jump you simply don’t fall down - even if you take damage. this also happens with many other weapons.

Glad they are fixing this exploit.


THIS thank you
there was 0 need for it before into the void
Revert the bow!


without jump there is only 50% chance to win against other bow player no matter his skill.
just pure luck nothing more since all you need to do is aim were he dodges and shot is secure. exact same for everyone and everyone can do.
with jump you can shoot or choose not to shoot adding another dimension in the game.
but thats a big nono .
skill is something not really needed and frowned upon in new world.
makes most people sad and all lol.
also there is 0 % chance in fighting firestaff now so why bother playing bow anyway.
and light armour is useless 100 % .


50% chance to win

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Yeah this is an extreme nerf to bow mobility. Then if they release that light armor cant cancel the recovery from a dodge, no1 will use light armor either.

Making the game more clunky, slower, and basically turn based combat style is just HORRIBLE

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if you could actually dodge immiadetely after a bow shot then probably be fine, problem is there is a long buffer window / recovery period after shooting an arrow that is just ridiculous

thats just not true lol jumping gives you no immunities