Rapier = %100 Survive

Pls nerf this damn class now we are chasing 5 people to kill 1 healer but he still escapes impossible to catch 360 stun, Evade,Fleche only if you use these 3 abilities blindfolded you will still survive


They should make the riposte just to stagger for a sec at least…
But as it is, it’s just stupid.
Nerfing the cooldown has no point and it’s not nerfed.(cooldowns drop like crazy with all these perks)

Suggestion : Keep the cooldown low, but remove stun from riposte


will the ripost serve for you to do this? I see healers with ice handles that do not die, axes with ice handle, muskets with vg ice handle with ice handle, much more than with rapieira and no one complains why it will be ?

better question is, what are your 5 players doing that they can’t kill a healer? are you all running hatchet and sns? a single IG/VG player can root and slow a healer and remove all the heals and almost solo kill. Reposte doesnt remove shower or storm slows from IG, and doesnt stop oblivion from stacking and removing heals.

I think you need to re-evaluate your builds and playstyle


Stagger, stun, rend, burst, done.

Sns is one one the better chasing weapons imo

Massive bump, ridiculous amount of resources to kill someone holding a rapier. Feels like they have unlimited iframes and mobility. Their last nerf helped but wasn’t nearly enough to counter healer’s using the rapier to survive.


yeah but only if people aren’t spamming light attacks during the sns CC chain, I don’t have problems with SNS CC when a whole mob hits me with the rapier

Even without the stuns. For example, leaping strike in the back will do a stagger, and can also apply a 50% slow for 8 seconds.

Rapier is still simply busted and braindead easy to use. I’m applying the 14% Trenched Rend and im Applying 30% disease with infected throw and im catching him multiple times in a grav well. The composition of the group should not matter nor should it need the most OP CC ability (Ice Shower) to kill this healer.

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says the guy who misses his gravwell and reaps and just about 50% of your attacks on him.

No shower means hes gonna roam free at all times, no hammer means hes never staggered or stunned. You use a hatch and miss your leaps when hes standing still…

Rapier +medium armor+ healer build is really strong, and people like you that miss all your abilities will always struggle to kill someone lol. Not a single VG there (the only anti healer weapon in game) and the only guy using IG missed 2 of the 3 storms and never landed the root.

Learn to play better before complaining about broke stuff in game lol


Rapier and Lifestaff is broken in this game. Especially on a light armor user.

Even if you CC chain them you can’t kill them considering how fast riposte is, if they land a riposte and managed to fletch away it’s GG.

Even worse is 3x healer w/ rapier all on light armor. With how easy it is to dodge skills in this game, and how difficult it is to catch players especially for melee players it’s no wonder LS/Rapier is meta.


just have them try rapier +bow/musket/spear/hatchet/IG/VG

its not strong at all, its a good secondary weapon to help people kite the VG/IG or WH/GA mobs.

aside from lifestaff it has no place in the current meta and healers are using more GAs now for more Gwells. Game is shit lol

Gwell is more bearable than riposte. I used to have an assasin build with the SnS and Hammer/Spear and I can kill them if they don’t have rapier.

I think we need a stronger healing reduction perk, cuz even with high burst it’s not enough to kill them due to their high healing capabilities.

The most frustrating part about the enemy’s riposte is when it bugs out and the sound queue doesn’t play, or when they’re right infront of you and suddenly teleport away (which is desync).

I seriously disagree, I keep telling people its possible to kill healers with coordinated attacks. A spear+SNS player can 100-0 a healer in pure CC even with freedom. The reason why its such an issue is you need skill to do it, and people just want to right click things down that are red with no thought process. On the same note, every single healer dies when fighting a IG/VG player and any dps with them. the whole IG/VG kit kills healers so easily and reposte/fleche does nothing against it. I would say try it first before saying scaling needs to be reduced

I have tried it, I used to run a melee assassin build specifically against healers. SnS+Spear combo sounds good on paper but it’s not easy to pull off consistently on the field. I ran it with Spear and SnS and I’m telling you against above average players they can dodge your skills perfectly and it’s only a matter of time before they heal back to full hp or their team comes to help them. It’s very easy to run away and kite with a rapier. They will waste your time effectively and it’s not a guarantee that you can kill them.

Musket is a hard counter to healers in light, mages are a really good counter to healers in medium and in heavy even with the rapier with any kind of CC you should be able to catch a healer. Yes I don’t need to kill the healer. If you’re plain opr focus on capping the points, if there’s too much healing going on and you send someone to chase the healer if they’re surviving and running they’re not healing their team so it’s just as effective to Chase a healer and make them burn their cool Downs on running away as killing them. Start playing to win stop playing for points.

that was just an example of them being killed 1v1, I would recommend you try IG/VG.

IG ice shower/storm/entomb and VG Scream/orb/oblivion

shower the reposte, scream whenever the healer stands still to heal, and you can do any combo you want after that and they die. Its not even rocket science

use null oblivion perk to delete the heals, scream perk to give instant 30% heal reduction and unending thaw if you struggle to land IG heavies.

= dead healers/tanks/bruisers/mages etc. theres no counter to it.

Yeah that sounds good but how are you getting close to them in the first place?

They aren’t just going to let you get close and use all your skills on them especially on VG/IG. They can fleche away from your ice shower, they can light roll dodge away from your ice storm and they’ll just keep running to their team. One of the things they also do is when their riposte fails, they immediately evade away so that they won’t be stuck in animation.

Once they get further away then they’ll cast their heals, they also have potions incase they needed to top off immediately.

I can go into detail but if they fleche the shower, storm root them, orb is 30% slow on top of storm slow you have to be really bad miss,

if they reposte you shower anyways so the combo doesnt really change much.

if they run away from you and manage to stay alive, the people they were supposed to heal should die, and if there is a single player that can follow up on your moves, they will die.

if you miss your abilities they will live but that goes with all pvp combat